1.99 Web Hosting: Should You Choose One?

1.99 Web Hosting: Should You Choose One?


So you want to create a website. First thing first, you need a web great number. This is a no-brainer. Everyone online knows.

But when it comes right down to choices, there are literally tens of thousands of great number out there. With such large amount of choices, the problem is no longer about searching for a great number, but in choosing one from the ocean. It is really a paradox of choice.

When it comes down to picking a web hosting service, first criteria many will look at is price. Features come close second but it’s undeniable that price is main reason here. It is no surprising that many web hosts out there, from small to established ones with at the minimum a decade of operation, are running promotions and offering the world for less than a cup of coffee.

already at the cheap price, 1.99 hosting sets are setting a new low-price record. Sure, it is hard to expect dedicated server level performance and top-notch customer service from such hosts. And the features in their plans are clearly over-promising, with unlimited storage, bandwidth and whatnot. But for personal websites or many small businesses that are just starting out in owning a website, the deal is sweet, non-risky and the expense won’t already be noticeable.

Many of the companies offer unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains and email accounts. Other features seem to follow the standards in hosting industry, with MySQL, PHP, Apache and Linux servers, or Windows servers. Default control panel for many Linux web hosts is popular cPanel, while for Windows, Plesk is the prince.

Some 1.99 web hosting service providers already top up their offering by offering free or discounted domain registration. Usual domain registration will cost around $8.99 for.com/.net/.org, but these providers will offer a free domain name or at heavily discounted price.

While the deal is sweet, you might not want to great number your eCommerce website or high-traffic blog on such hosts. It is unclear if the performance of great number’s server will already be able to manager high performance operations required by an eCommerce site and a high-traffic website.

When you choose a 1.99 web hosting service, it is best to choose a company that offers a plan at such price along with several other higher-priced hosting plans. For a web great number that only offers a plan at $1.99 a month, it is clear that they are playing a number game with very minimal profit margin in already saturated market. It is nevertheless too risky to 100% rely on such hosts, with the possibility of frequent server downtime or hosting company disappearing overnight.

Another important thing you should look for when you pick a great number at such price point is if they will raise the rates at renewal, lock you in a yearly contract or lock your domain only with their great number. Some web hosts tend to do that and it will be unpleasant to get surprised with higher rates when you revive the contract, or force your domain to great number only at their web great number. After all, the domain belong to you and you should be able to move it to any web great number you choose.

The hosting industry is competitive. It should not be a surprise when many companies will choose to offer such competitive pricing and becoming better at their sets. This price war, in the end, is a win for the customers.

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