2011 Movie Review – Just Go With It

2011 Movie Review – Just Go With It

Watching Just Go With It (JGWI) was just like watching the typical Hollywood romantic comedy movies.. it evokes that feeling of familiarization and cliche’ for avid movie watchers. However, to its credit.. JGWI tries to bring a fresh angle to an otherwise, much used storyline.

Anyway, JGWI is about a plastic surgeon, Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) who’s very good at his work and has a lovely loyal assistant, Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Aniston). Danny is good at courting gals by pretending to have failed marriages and wearing a wedding ring. This changes when he meets sexy and much younger Palmer who strikes a chord in his heart. Unfortunately, Palmer notices the ring and also falls for the same story that Danny has fed to other gals. Danny manages to convince Palmer by insinuating he’s getting a divorce from his wife, Devlin (aka Katherine).

What he fails to mention is that Katherine is a single mother of two and when Palmer finds out, she assumes instinctively that the two kids (Maggie and Micheal) are Danny’s in addition. This of course leads to a comedy of errors as the lies keep piling up. Danny strikes an agreement with the two kids in exchange for pretending to be Danny’s children. This leads to a blackmail of sorts by the younger Micheal who manages to con Danny into bringing everyone for a vacation in Hawaii.

Before embarking on the trip to Hawaii, Danny’s cousin Eddie joins in the charade convincing everyone that he’s Devlin (Katherine)’s lover and also an Australian sheep salesman (there’s already a scene later in the movie on this). As coincidences go, Katherine meets up with the real Devlin Adams who;s vacationing with her husband Ian Maxtone-Jones (presumably inventor of iPod). The rivalry between Katherine and Devlin runs skin thorough and can be observed in their dinner with each other.

On top of all that’s going on, Danny intends to propose to Palmer and this is later found out by Palmer, who takes the instinctive route to get married right away. Upon learning of this, Katherine aka fake Devlin decides to move to New York. And Danny of course changes his mind about the engagement and decides to choose Katherine as his rightful lover:)

Movie rating: 4 / 10.. only allurement is the cute kids and sexy ‘Palmer’


Adam Sandler… Danny Maccabee

Jennifer Aniston… Katherine

Nicole Kidman… Devlin Adams

Nick Swardson…Eddie

Brooklyn Decker… Palmer

Bailee Madison… Maggie

Griffin Gluck… Michael

Dave Matthews… Ian Maxtone Jones

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