3 Amazingly Powerful But Free White Magic Love Spells For You

3 Amazingly Powerful But Free White Magic Love Spells For You

When the going gets quite tough and it becomes impossible to attract your object of fondness towards you, one often turns towards free white magic love spells to conquer hardships and hurdles, trials and tribulations in love.

Free white magic love spells can be elaborately ritualistic or not harmful and simple and might require magic spells and the use of charms. Tradition and culture determine the differences between love spells. That is why voodoo love spells are different from Wicca love spells.

Free white magic love spells # 1

Although this white magic love and romance spell involving a phallic shaped white candle is usually regarded as a ‘woman’s spell’, many men in my lifetime have also attained from it. consequently both men and women can use these free white magic love spells with satisfaction and success.

Get keep up of a figural bride and groom plain white four inch tall altar candle. Then you have to position an altar. Find out which are those objects which are precious and valuable to both your beloved and you. Decorate the altar with those particular stuff. Now carefully pick out a thorn from a white colored rose bush. It has to be a rose thorn. On the candle you have to written the sentence “all my love come to me” thrice with the help of the rose thorn.

Now the inscribed candle has to be placed right in the altar center and has to be lighted. Now you have to continue to gaze upon the candle throughout the complete time of its burning and at the same time you have to visualize your beloved walking up to you, resplendent in nude beauty.

When the candle has completely burnt down and been reduced to a wax puddle, collect that residue and store it in a clean cloth along with all those mementos that you had placed on the altar. Now wrap up all these stuff and store it away in a safe place.

When you put a spell like this on your beloved, he or she will love you with all the love he/she has in his/her heart and it might be much less or much more than what you expected or have for that person.

If you don’t wish to be loved by that person anymore, discard the ritual remains by burying them at crossroads or mail them to him/her or throw into running water or burn in fire.

Free white magic love spells # 2

The second one is similar to the 1st spell, but you have to take a bath before and cast a course of action after arranging the altar and feel all the 4 elements – earth, air, water and fire.

Free white magic love spells # 3

Then there is also the 3 candle love spell involving 1 red, 1 pink and 1 white bride and groom figural candles and love drawing dressing oil like allurement oil or love me or kiss me now oils.

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