A Personal Conversation!

A Personal Conversation!

A conversation between Grandpa and Grandson!

Grandson: “Grandpa now that you are 80 years, have you done everything you wanted to do with your life?” Grandpa: “Yes! The only thing I ever wanted to do with my life was marry your Grandma!”

“After I married Grandma, we raised beautiful, intelligent daughters.” “After that we had the privilege to enjoy nine wonderful perfect grandchildren.” “It is in the vicinity of all possibilities that we will live to enjoy Perfect Great Grandchildren when you find the Loving Beautiful Girl that you want to be married to for the rest of your life!”

You do something to earn a living. However your family is your life! “What else do you want to know Grandson?” Grandson: What is the greatest risk that I could take?” Grandpa: “The Greatest Risk is Love! It holds the Greatest Rewards and the biggest disappointments. The world tells you how wonderful you are. The world tells you how terrible you are. Your Family keeps you honest and humble.”

It is not how much you earn; it is how much you save of what you earn. First you must sow seeds of spirit. The most unused strength on earth is the strength of spirit. One must nurture the spirit. “Music puts wings on the human spirit. With a song in your heart, it is the only way to fly.” Frank Sinatra

Second you must serve humanity with humility. What is your creative expression to serve humanity? Third you must save some of what you earned for the future, so a fortune does not slip by your fingers.

You will be strong in two of this area. You meaningful other person will be strong in areas that you are not.

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