A Report of Tom Big Al Schreiter – Why Should You Pay Attention To Him…

A Report of Tom Big Al Schreiter – Why Should You Pay Attention To Him…


Tom Big Al Review

If youre reading this article about Tom Big Al Schreiter, youve probably heard of him somewhere along the lines and you want to know if hes someone you should pay attention to. Well after reading this article, youll know if Tom Big Al is someone you should tune in to. BTW, you wont already have to take notes because youll remember most of what Ill proportion with you.

How I Heard Of Tom Big Al

I remember back in 2007 was the very first time I learned about Tom Big Al. I was following a conference call for my dominant company in which he was the featured guest. My upline had promoted me to tune in and listen so I did. I ingemination hearing him for the first time and I was tuned in for that complete hour! He was funny, I average REALLY funny. And I think thats one of the reasons why I paid more attention to him. He was talking about icebreakers. Now if you dont know what icebreakers are, let me explain.

Icebreakers are phrases that you can use to simply, break-the-ice. What I average is when youre trying to talk to a prospect and you dont know exactly what to say, theres some phrases which you can use that will get them to ask for more details. Ill proportion with you a associate:

1. Are you married to your job, or are you open-minded?

2. Hey (prospects name), I just found out how you can fire your boss and enjoy your Monday mornings!

Both of these sentences create curiosity to the prospect. Theyll want to know HOW or what youre talking about. But anyways, that night he was talking about icebreakers and I make a list of a whole bunch of them on a sheet of paper (I would everything I learned but I dont know where that paper is, lol). So thats how I first heard about Tom Big Al. Ever since then, Ive been a follower and learned a lot from him.

Who is Tom Big Al?

So whos Tom Big Al? Tom Schreiter (best known as Big Al or Tom Big Al), is really a MLM legend. Hes been around the block since back in 1972, when network marketing was really old-school. He got involved in the industry looking for a way to make an additional part-time income. His wife was pregnant at the time and his regular salary was just insufficient. Looking around in the newspaper, he answered an ad that read: Part-Time Business, Small Investment.

So he and his wife attended this 3 hour long opportunity meeting, where they met a lot of weird people there. After the three hours, they looked at each other and said: Lets escape from here. The armed guards are gone from the door.

So as theyre sneaking out the back door, the person who ran the ad recognized them because they were the only guests. He said: Arent you the people who answered the ad? Tom Big Al says: Yes, but it appears like its not for us. We are not interested and we are much too busy. What happened next was simply MAGICAL (I want you to pay attention). The man looked at Tom Big Al and told him this:

Tom, when you join our business heres what happens. Six months from now you walk into your boss office. You sit down in the chair, you put your feet up on his desk and also leave little scuff marks with your heels.

You put both your hands behind your head and you calmly tell the boss that you simply cant fit him in your schedule any longer. Youve enjoyed working there, but if they have any problem after you leave they can call you any Tuesday morning at 11 oclock at your normal consulting rate.

Then you get up from the boss office, go out to the main office desk, take your personal belongings, wave good-bye to all your fellow workers who said it couldnt be done, hop inside your brand-new bonus car, excursion down to the excursion-in teller window, place this months bonus check, and say to the bank teller: Oh, I dont know. Put this bonus check in savings or checking. It truly doesnt matter. I receive these checks each and every month. And then you excursion home and relax, having a nice glass of your favorite beverage.

Tom Big Al Review Continues

After the guy told him that, the next thing Tom said was: So, How Could I Get Started? And thats how Tom Big Al got involved with MLM. However, things werent all that perfect for Big Al his first eighteen months in business. As a matter fact, he didnt have much success whatsoever but he chose to stick with it. It wasnt until after those 18 months that he went out to a seminar that taught him some skills and how to perform the business. Thats when things took off for him. With those skills and upon learning other skills, Tom Big Al went from having zero distributors to over 100,000 in less than 2 years. You can think of the amount of money he earned from that.

Why Should You Pay Attention To Tom Big Al?

Its simple. In order to become successful making lots and lots of money in network marketing, you gotta listen and pay attention to people who have the results. Not only is Tom Big Al one of the most successful network marketers of all time, a multi-mega-millionaire, high funny guy, but he teaches people among the best NON-BS SKILLS to help other network marketers succeed in their business. I ingemination attending a seminar that he was conducting in New York City, and while I was sitting there I was thinking to myself: How the heck does he MASTER all of this stuff?

Well the truth is, hes been involved in the field for almost 40 years. Thats a tremendous amount of experience. He teaches the 25 basic skills like: Identifying and connecting with the 4 major personality types, Icebreakers, W0rd Pictures, One-Minute Presentations, and 21 other basic skills that you need to know in network marketing, that you can learn in addition as a lot more of his teachings by going to FortuneNow.com. The truth is the majority of people whore in multi-level marketing or direct selling do not know HOW to build a business. They dont understand how to talk to people correctly, they dont know how to sell, and they dont understand how to connect. Tom Big Al has MASTERED these skills over the years and he teaches them at seminars all across the world.

Hes also studied and mastered Copywriting, which is a skill you have to learn if youre doing any kind of marketing whether online or offline. Hes great at writing headlines that make people want to read your content or emails. Hes also a great story teller. As a matter fact, Im sure you realized that this Tom Big Al review article had a associate of stories included in it. Well I first learned that skill from him. Many of the heavy hitters like Mike Dillard, Art Jonak, Jerry Clark and many more learned the art of story telling from Tom. The point is hes a veteran you need to listen to because if you want to make a lot of money inside your business, not that little bonus check to a pay your car observe but that $$$ that can allow you to live in an exotic island, than you have to study from individuals who have made Big Bucks in this business. Tom Big Al is certainly one of those people.

Tom Big Al Review Conclusion

So to conclude this review, I want to say that I had the opportunity to meet Big Al and hes a really cool guy. Hes down to earth and he doesnt waste peoples time. He doesnt teach theory or motivational crap. He teaches What Works and he teaches people real skills that will help them make money. Hes extremely humble and is also really out there to help other people succeed in their business. You wont go to his seminars without catching a very good laugh and learning some REAL SKILLS at the same time. You wont buy any one of his products believing that you wasted your money. If you learn and apply the teachings that Tom Big Al offers, youll make Big Dollars, PERIOD!!

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