AdsEluthu – proportion Post to Earn Money

AdsEluthu - Share Post to Earn Money


Version 1.3.1

AdsEluthu is a post or text proportion to earn money. Allow members to create post & earn money, and keep a proportion of the profit. AdsEluthu includes publishers who are creating post links and get payment withdraw by PayPal, Paytm, UPI & Bank move integration, admin panel and much more.

The payment withdraw method can create what you want. 

Demo Account

Go =>

Username: Admin

Password: adseluthu


  • Ability to customize inner page banner and home page banner.
  • Ability to Integrate codes in Front Head/footer/After Body Tag.
  • Specific Statistics about Users/publishers Actions.
  • progressive Statistics Reports for Earnings.
  • Announcements System To notify Publishers.
  • You can permit/Disable close Adblock alert.
  • You can permit/Disable Proxy/VPN detect.
  • You Set countdown seconds in “Get Post” Page
  • You set payout rates in country and device based.
  • You Can set ads in member dashboard and GET POST pages.
  • You can set payment methods like Paytm, PayPal, etc.


  • PHP 5.6.0 +
  • mod_rewrite module enabled
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension 
  • Zip PHP Extension 
  • CURL


How To Install:

1.Upload ZIP FILES to your great number and unzip
2.Open Your website & Complete Installation
3.Create Admin Profile

4.Delete Install Folder, That’s it!

Update (v1.0.1) 01/09/2020
- Fixed some bugs.
- Fixed invalid password.
- Fixed verified user login.
- Fixed Worldwide Deal(All Countries) payout rates.


Update (v1.2.0) 02/09/2020
- Fixed Edit Post Save.
- additional (characterize Get Post in Raw Page) permit/Disable


Update (v1.2.1) 09/09/2020
- Fixed Count Value.
- Fixed "GET POST" INSERT INTO statistics.


Update (v1.3.0) 09/09/2020
- Fixed Dashboard Footer Copyrights Name.
- Fixed Logged in Visible Menu.
- additional (Preloader) permit/Disable characterize.
- Changed Admin Payout Rate Input kind 
  Now can Set (Decimal Values).
- Changed Payout Rate kind (per Views to per 1000 Views) 
  Like CPM. 
- additional Menu Payout Rate Page Amount Symbol.
- additional Menu Payment Proof Page Amount Symbol.
- additional HomePage Payment Proof Amount Symbol.


Update (v1.3.1) 10/09/2020
- Fixed Average CPM Rate.


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