Advantages Of Plain Old Telephone sets (POTS) Lines Over The Modern Telephony

Advantages Of Plain Old Telephone sets (POTS) Lines Over The Modern Telephony

In most parts of the world, plain old telephone sets POTS lines, commonly known as landlines, have remained the major form of connection to telephony networks for both businesses and residential users. This is a voice grade phone service dating back to the late 19th century. Though technology has brought a lot of changes, these have capabilities that modern telephony like ISDN, cell phones and VoIP do not.

This could be a major reason that despite introduction of progressive telephony service, most offices and residents nevertheless continue their POTS network. These provide a complete-duplex voiceband channel where human voice can travel both ways, concurrently. Other provisions are operator sets like conference calling, subscriber dialing and call progress tones. These form the basics of any phone service.

In addition, those with landlines network today can order broadband service if they need their computer systems to run faster. In this case, POTS will act as a basis for the new service since one can now connect to the provider by the existing phone line. Once you add the broadband, your business uses the same cable network for both phone and internet.

It is also good to observe that the plain old telephone sets lines are very consistent compared to modern telephony. This ensures that your business is not getting irregular cut outs at any time of the day. This is a shared problem with the newly introduced technologies like the cellular phones and Voice-over-Internet-Protocol.

Users should observe that, both cellular phones and VoIP are greatly affected by weather changes. Other disruptions on these kinds of telephony communication include cell tower location problems, satellite locaiongs and already strength interruptions. however, POTs are highly stable as they will not already need strength to function especially if using it for calls only.

Another advantage of using landlines is that, in case of an emergency where people have to contact 911, the operator can easily tell where this is coming from. This way, the caller can receive immediate help. However, this is not the case with most types of VoIP or GSM phones. With VoIP, ability to immediately track a caller will depend on the service provider. Use of GPS tracking for cellular phones without the service is by cell tower triangulation which may take a lot of time. This method one is not going to receive timely assistance from 911.

There is no special instruction required to function the POTS equipment. Most of its features are basic and familiar to most people who have made calls before. This method a business will not use resources training employees on how to function it. However, this is not so for modern communication systems. Some cell systems may require special training for people to function.

The above are some of the benefits of using the plain old telephone sets POTS lines. Since this can also integrate easily with new technologies, it is vital to keep it along the progressive communication systems. One does not have to completely do away with this kind of network. It can save your business a great deal of money and time especially during an emergency.

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