America’s Top Psychics! How to Find The Best Psychics in the World (Wi…

Who are the top psychics in America? Are they REALLY the super famous clairvoyants you see on day time TV? What about those super popular mediums that have their own shows? Do you really need to wait 6 months, or longer to already get a reading you can REALLY believe in?

The truth is, the very BEST psychics in America (and already around the world) are MUCH more obtainable, easy to reach and AFFORDABLE than many of you ever realize.

And here is why:

In study after study, including some of the most “famous” names in mediumship, clairvoyance and celebrity psychic readings, many “ordinary” intuitives have produced results SO extraordinary, that they have blown away some of the BIGGEST names in the market. As a matter of fact, in tests done by Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona about 6 or 7 years ago, (the results of which became the HBO documentary the “Afterlife Experiments”) ordinary telephone psychics scored BETTER, and often extraordinarily so, than the famous names in the group.

And similar psychic medium ratings tests done by real scientific studies (like those taking place at the Windbridge Institute, the Rhine Center and other places) have found that some of the most MAGNIFICENT psychic readings are truly being produced by the most mainstream, and “next door neighbor” kind of intuitives.

The assistance to you and I of course is this:

Often, if you know where to look, the most talented readings can be had without a wait. And without a heavy price tag. And without the “ego” that comes with being a famous name celebrity to boot! (some of them charge thousands of dollars for a reading, and you have to wait months….or longer to get in)

My advice?

Do what we do. Hire networks, or individual intuitives who have proven themselves to be REALLY good, have great guarantees (as in – if you aren’t happy with the reading, you don’t have to pay) and simply be smart, savvy and resourceful when choosing a reader. (you won’t regret it, I potential!) 

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