Animal Telepathy – Is it Really Possible?

Animal Telepathy – Is it Really Possible?

When I discuss psychic occurrences, many people ask me if it’s really possible to communicate with animals using psychic method – such occurrences is known as animal telepathy – communication without any verbal methods, only with thoughts or as some people say, via psychic method. And when such question is asked, my answer is simple – yes, it’s possible for human-animal telepathic communication – many research proves that.

Rupert Sheldrake, a British researcher run his experiments with animal telepathy for many years. In the end, he published a research paper on the subject, providing other researchers with thousands of proofs of telepathy between humans and animals. He presented a lot of examples when animals were simple “knowing” that their owner is about to go into home, already if he was getting late for few hours – animals, especially dogs, were sensing the owner closing.

There are also stories of cats and dogs that follow instructions of their owners – instructions that are unspoken, just “thought about” in owner’s minds. But probably one of the most fascinating uses of animal telepathy is use of this psychic ability for veterinarian practise. There are vets that are skilled in psychic communication, and they’re able to literally ask (via telepathic method) the pet about illness, and cure the animal simpler this way. Many kids are skilled in such way, and that’s why they’re choosing to become veterinarians later in their life, because of their interesting, animal telepathy skills.

Can everyone learn how to communicate with their pet using telepathic method? I believe so, however telepathy isn’t an easy task and it requires some level of psychic development. What you can do right now, without digging into the subject of learning to be psychic, is to just look into the eyes of your pet, and start talking in your mind, with simple intend to direct your words to the pet’s mind. And that’s all – observe responses of your pet, you might be surprised with the results.

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