Are the NY Knicks on Their Way Back?

Are the NY Knicks on Their Way Back?

I can remember the buzz that New York basketball would generate back in the 1980s and 1990s. Sports fans here loved their Knicks just as much as they loved the Yankees, Giants, or any other successful franchise based out of the city.

Anchored by Patrick Ewing, this team was one of the best in the league for about a decade, competing for a championship nearly every year. Making the playoffs was never impossible, as the team was always a mainstay when it came to post season play.

As Patrick Ewing aged, things slowly began to fade. Many wondered about the fate of a team that depended on its aging center, as there was little youth showing any hope for the future.

The unavoidable happened and Ewing was ultimately released, prompting a dark age in the history of this franchise. The team quickly fell out of any kind of contention, missing the playoffs and becoming the joke of the league in many respects.

With one of the highest payrolls, the Knicks were consistently one of the NBA’s worst teams for nearly the complete decade, and much of this had to do with foolish signings made by then general manager Isiah Thomas.

Slowly but surely, things have begun to look someone more promising for the team as time has gone by. Isiah Thomas was fired as general manager and coach, and new coach Mike D’Antoni brings a successful begin again from the Phoenix Suns to New York, where it looks like he’s made some baby steps this season in his quest to bring glory back to the state of New York basketball.

Some of the bright spots on this team include second year breakout player Danilo Galinari, who is one of the best three point shooters in basketball this season, averaging nearly three per game. With the exception of the injured Danny Granger, no other player is averaging as many makes per game from thorough as Galinari.

There’s also David Lee, the powerhouse forward who pulls down rebounds like it’s nobody’s business and shoots at over 55% from the field. A hustle player that the team hasn’t seen in years, his performance is reminiscent of Charles Oakley in his chief.

Wilson Chandler is another versatile player, contributing in many categories across the board.

Most importantly, this is a young team that looks to be playing inspired basketball for the first time in years. With some freed up salary cap room this summer, the Knicks can easily build on that success by bringing some big names into the mix.

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