Are You Guilty When It Comes to Road Rage?

As per a national auto club, just about eighty percent of American drivers let in to angry driving tendencies at one time or other. It is particularly shocking to discover this from the report: nearly eight million means operators say they demonstrated certain forms of road rage. This included ramming into another car on purpose and getting out of a means to confront another driver in a menacing manner.

How would you rate yourself in regard to the above?

Go by the list below characterizing aggressive driving and check off any point that defines your own driving habits.

Does any of the following describe your actions while driving a means?

• Have you tailgated another car or truck on purpose?

• Have you pushed considerably over the legal speed limit?

• Have you run by a red or amber light?

• Have your Snaked in and out of cars and traffic?

• Have you raised your voice and screamed at another driver?

• Have you slammed on the horn and honked to show your anger at another motorist?

• Have you demonstrated your frustration and rage by hand gestures?

• Have you tried to prevent another driver from changing traffic lanes?

• Have you deliberately cut off another driver?

We all get angry at one point or another. This is because we are all human and humans by design are not perfect. Nonetheless, anger that is unchecked can be a very dangerous emotion, leading to actions that are later regretted.

Of course, when anger is apparent in driving, the danger is so much greater. It can rule to hostile actions that intimidate, bully or incite others on the road and consequence in physical losses and damages in addition as injury and the tragic loss of life. For the aggressive driver that thinks auto insurance may bail him out of liability, in general this is far from the truth.

In fact, the insurance providers do not take any responsibility for motorists that deliberately use dangerous or illegal modes of driving.

As one insurance specialized so aptly put it, “Don’t expect your auto insurance cover to come to your defense if you excursion aggressively. Driving in rage will not only put your at risk, it places anyone else on the road in danger. If you excursion in an irresponsible manner, you will be up against all the criminal and fiscal penalties on your own.”

The same auto club that conducted the afore-mentioned study concludes with some sage advice.

1. Don’t ever provoke another motorist to retaliate by powerful him to change speeds or directions.

2. Be tolerant of other drivers’ and don’t allow yourself to get angered by another driver’s actions.

3. If another driver displays anger on the road, do not respond by making eye contact or gestures. Try to stay at a safe distance and if you feel your safety may be compromised, contact police.

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