Atomic Blogging System

Atomic Blogging System

When it comes to making money online, a lot of beginners will have problems setting up a website since not everyone has a computer engineer background like me nor are they are tech savvy. They want to make money online because they have kids to raise, want to have freedom from work and financial independence and that’s it. They are just ordinary people. If you are struggling to build a website but want to Make Money Online, I Have Good News for You.

I have found some resources on the internet that basically, if you know how to kind, edit and save a document using MS information or some other information processors then you can build a website – It’s called blogging. Blog is a information combined from web and logs. Basically people use to it to proportion thoughts, ideas and their stories with their friends, families and may be people around the world.

You can easily set up a blog by using some free online platforms like Bloggers and If you want to know a step by step guide on how to set up those free blogs, you can watch my videos here on.

How Do You Make Money With Your Blog?

If you are serious about making money online with your blog and just started, I strongly recommend you get an eBook named “Atomic blogging by Alvin Phang”.

I bought this book about 1 year ago and found that what Alvin suggested was functional and provided step by step details from setting up a specialized WordPress blog to monetize it by AdSense and Affiliate Programs. It is surely a useful eBook if you are seriously want to make money online but don’t know how to start.

So What Is This Atomic Blogging All About?

It shows you how to get a cheap domain, reliable and affordable hosting and set up your own WordPress blog. But why do you need a self Hosted Blog, you ask? Is it basic?

Well, those free blog platforms, blogger or WordPress belongs to Google and WordPress. If they decide one day, they are not going to offer you a free platform any more, or they think your blog is offensive or violates their terms of use; they have rights to shut it down. So for those who are seriously want to make a living online, please get a self hosted blog.

As I have already said not everyone is a tech savvy so that’s why you need Atomic Blogging Version 2.

1. What About You Already Have a Blog?

Many people including me will ask a question, how to you get traffic to my blog? This is quite true especially you want to make money online. No traffic, no AdSense clicks, not able to sell advertising space or affiliate sales etc.

Surely you can start an advertising campaign on Google, Yahoo or MSN and excursion traffic. You can do that but the problems are (1) you have advertising cost, if you don’t know what how those PPCs work, they can be very expensive. I have tried them myself so I know how expensive they are.

2. Once You Stop Your Campaign, will you nevertheless able to get traffic? The answer I think here is obvious.

So the best way to get traffic is using methods like SEO or so called referral traffics.

In Alvin’s Atomic Blogging, he will show you blogging SEO tips and also excursion traffic from various social bookmarking sites like Digg, and

3. The Third Thing I like about atomic blogging is its continuous free update. Once you have bought that book, you’ve got life time free update! I average this is a big bonus. You know when you buy a book from a publisher say McGraw Hill, will they send you a life time free update of the book you’ve just bought? Of course not! They never, but with this package, you will!

That’s probably the beauty of eBooks, life time free update.

4. Step by Step Beginner tips on how you get started to make money online No matter you are doing business online or offline, you need a niche or a targeted market. Atomic Blogging shows you how to find a profitable niche by keyword research If you know nothing about keyword research, that book will show you or you can watch my simpler form video on.

Does Your Niche Work

In fact it comes with a free Keyword Research Tool if you haven’t got one that has a free bonus to its customers.

The other things that Alvin teaches you are how to set up an AdSense account, how to select the best ClickBank affiliate products to maximize your profits.

It is basic for people who want to earn money online like me and you.

Atomic Blogging also comes with many bonuses, the one that interested me except life time update, and its one year Free VDS Hosting provided Jump line.

To me it is attractive; also you have Yaro Starack, a specialized blogger who had 1000 readers daily to his blog interview. Surely it is basic for any marketers to succeed online.

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