Aura strength Revealed – Reasons To Develop Your Psychic Self-Defense

In this article, we learn the strength of aura, how it is reflected in our personalities and ways in which we can develop our psychic self defense in order to rule happier, calmer and more satisfactory lives.

With modern living being so stressful and filled with competition, there is a need to build up inner resilience and peacefulness from within so as to survive and enjoy the joys of life. One can do this by strengthening one’s aura and building up an effective, positive and strong aura so they get the strength to meet with any challenges head-on.

Yes, you can strengthen your aura and self-defense to build up a safety ring around you so no one can harm you by their negative vibes that would otherwise pull a person with a ineffective aura down; negative feelings will not have the ability to touch you nor a moment of sadness keep you down permanently and neither will it fill you with bitterness if only you know the worth of your true self.

The good part about building your aura is that you can truly work upon it with natural ways so that your psychic self emerges stronger, positively charged and able to take on anything that life throws its way – and you can do it all by yourself, you don’t need a Guru!

You need to understand that that the aura is indeed very powerful; it is the reflection of all that is within you and defines your sense of divinity. Your aura is your hidden self, but you can develop it positively to mirror outwards also.

A bright and powerful aura that bespeaks of goodness within is the indication of your personal strength or energy; you can compare this with the thousands of atoms and molecules that bind different things on earth together. Similarly, the aura is part of the gravity that holds ones personality and defines your identity. It is that special something that takes away or adds up to your true worth and is determined by your moral deeds.

At the bottom of all that controls the aura is the human mind; philosophers that have studied different auras and especially those of eminent scholarly or intensely spiritual personalities claim that there are many aspects to the hidden reality of what lies beneath a man’s thoughts. Just as no two fingers are alike, no two auras are alike either; each person’s aura is determined by their acts, both good and bad and can be used either to harness the positive or negative energies within to consequence in a dynamic or static soul; consequently, auras can be developed by what you let your mind seek out consciously in addition as sub-consciously.

Auras can be used to attract, influence and magnetize for good and bad reasons with the same kind of consequences; this is used by those with psychic powers that are developed with proper training. These trained people can differentiate between the various shapes, sizes and colors of a person’s aura simply by looking at them.

You can do the same i.e. build your inner self by practiced daily meditation and yoga so you appear enlightened about your inner self, your true needs and the real you and this enhanced aura will further guide you in your spiritual quest for getting in tune with your higher self. It is likened to reaching a state of higher consciousness like the one experienced when opening the mythical third eye; for this, you will need to discipline your body and mind to perform in conjunction with your soul’s voice by special daily breathing and concentration exercises in addition as chanting of positive mantras.

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