Austinites have loved ones in Ukraine, how you can help

Austinites have loved ones in Ukraine, how you can help

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Kateryna Voinova, who moved to Austin from Kyiv three years ago, said she’s in continued contact with her mother who’s in Ukraine.

“My mama is spending already her second night today in the subway,” she said. “The Kyiv government opened the subway to use as a shelter in case of the bombing of the city.”

‘There’s some people walking the streets crying’: How you can help displaced Ukrainians

This past week, she’s made it a point to not use any time alone.

“Somewhere near each other. Today my friend just spends the whole day in my house, and now I’m in her house,” she said. “It’s just so hard to focus on something that’s not the Ukrainian war.”

What’s getting her by, she said, is seeing people rally together in sustain of her home country.

“The community of people who is here. It really inspires us and brings us hope,” she said.

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Below are a list of charities vetted by Charity Navigator that are providing aid to Ukraine.

  • Save the Children has staff in Texas the group said will stay to help children here while other members help in Ukraine. “Our most immediate concern is the risk to their health and wellbeing – in conflict, everything is on the table – death, injury, sexual violence, protection risks,” said Irina Saghoyan, Save the Children’s Eastern Europe director.
  • Project Hope has a team in Texas it said is staying in state to continue COVID-related efforts. Another team in Ukraine is helping provide health care for children and their families.
  • International Medical Corps provides medical and mental health help, in partnership with local Ukrainian organizations and the Ukraine Ministry of Health.
  • Catholic Relief sets is providing shelter, hot meals and offering transportation to safe areas for Ukrainians.
  • GlobalGiving said it is focusing on providing access to food, medical sets and psychosocial sustain.

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