Automobile Battery Chargers

You would be surprised by the amount of people who’ve never heard of an automobile battery charger before. These clever little devices come both big and small; some so much so that they can fit in your glove box. I’ve already seen ones in stores that are one time use and meant to be stored for long periods of time for emergencies. Kinda like a glowstick but a touch more useful in the right hands. lol

Imagine you are along at night and stuck without any form of help and your car needs a jump somehow… What do you do? Phone a friend or call towtruck? Or say you need a portable strength source for that huge flood light you use while night crabbing or something instead of hooking it up to your car battery… An automobile battery charger is your solution to this without pissing anyone off!

As a dad I can honestly say I feel better about my kids having an automobile battery charger stowed in their car. It’s a good feeling to have one less thing to worry about. I feel better knowing that heaven forbid they leave the lights on, and they can’t get ahold of me, they can charge that puppy right back up on the fly.

All in all, as you could probably tell I’m a huge fan. I really think everyone should be packing one of these little puppies. Take it from me it’s worth the time to research and pick one up. They only usually go for around $20.00anyways.

Here is a small piece of another one of my blog reviews:

There are three basic types of automobile battery chargers used in the repair industry;

1. Trickle Chargers, sometimes called ‘dumb chargers’ are designed to slowly charge a battery and the means owner must remember to disconnect the charger before an over-charge occurs or the battery will be damaged by the charging activity.

2. Smart Chargers with clock technology, automatically prevent over charging by shutting down after a specific period of time.

3. Intelligent Chargers use progressive sensor technology to measure a battery’s condition and determine the state of each of the individual battery strength cells.

The above automobile battery chargers are tools that augments the automobile itself. The automobile battery charger is comparatively simple and safe to use. A modern charger will extend the life of your battery. This is a good thing because battery price are sure to increase in the future as more pure electric powered and hybrid vehicles come off the factory lines.

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