AZ RV Resorts – On the Road Towards an Experience of a Lifetime

Yuma, Mesa, Phoenix, Casa Grande or Tucson, one only needs to pick a place. There can be no better way to travel the open road than in the comfort of an RV. Have the road trip of a lifetime. There are various resorts and parks on the way all over Arizona. Pick a place to stay or stop and enjoy. Afterwards, move on to another park or resort. AZ RV parks and resorts cater to all sorts of outdoor activities. Outdoor activities include fishing, hiking, trekking and camping. Some choose to simply R&R by games of golf or sunbathe by the pool. Enjoy all those activities, AZ RV resorts or parks are the places to be. Arizona isn’t limited to outdoor activities. Several AZ RV parks and resorts are also located near theaters, museums, historical sites, jazz festivals and sports events. Seasons hardly already matter, there are always activities you can do in Arizona all year round.


Phoenix is also known as the Valley of the Sun. It is a metropolitan area in central Arizona. People tend to associate Arizona with intense heat, desert, and cactus. However, there is more to it than just that. The Valley of the Sun is home to complex culture, year-round sports events, different entertainment and historical sites. Besides, no other place can beat all that sunshine and wide open blue sky during the winter season.

Not so far from the city proper is the Apache Junction. Get a feel of how it was like to live in the Old West. Visit the Apache Trail near Apache Junction. The area also has a great view of the mountains and wildlife in the lakes to the north. Closer to the city, Mesa offers exceptional dining, shopping and entertainment.

Casa Grande

Casa Grande is located far enough away from the city excitement of Phoenix. Casa Grande area offers AZ RV resorts for the low desert RVer. This area also shares the wonderful climate of the Valley of the Sun. consequently, it is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing.

Several small local museums and information sites are found around the tribal reservations of the Gila River and Tohono O’Odham. Learn all about the Native Americans of this vicinity here in Casa Grande.


For people who want the big city experience without the city congestion in Phoenix, Tucson is the ideal destination. located in southern Arizona, Tucson boasts of museums, historical sites and parks. Head west and find Ajo, a charming western town high in history. Located near Ajo is the famous Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The monument is a natural surprise of cactus and wild desert beauty.

Not far from the city are excellent places for outdoor activities. People can enjoy bird watching, stargazing, rock climbing, mountain biking and golf. Visit the true Old West to the Southeast off 1-10 in Cochise County. Tombstone AZ with its gun fights, Bisbee, with the copper mine tour, Willcox for its fruit orchards and Sonoita, becoming known for its wines.


According to history, Yuma was considered the gateway to California. The first settlements were built along with a bridge over the Colorado River. Today, Yuma is a active community with carefully preserved history and offers great winter climate. AZ RV parks and resorts are obtainable for RVers to enjoy.

Close to the river are AZ RV resorts and parks ideal for water sports and fishing. Yuma also maintains various wildlife refuges. AZ RV parks in this area offer facilities for many outdoor activities. Indoor fun can be found at nearby casinos, shops and historical attractions.

All these cities and towns in Arizona have a lot to offer. RVers can make the most out of their time and experience all these activities. excursion down the road for a few miles. ultimately, there’s a different AZ town to check out. It is of great convenience that many AZ RV parks and resorts are found all over the state. So review everything that is obtainable in Arizona with the AZ RV Reference guide, start planning that road trip and don’t miss a thing. Enjoy RVing… what a life!

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