Beautiful Garden With Roses

Beautiful Garden With Roses

Chemical examination of tap water shows that a lot of fertilizers and pesticides ordinarily run off of the soil and into our public drinking water supply. This is not just a sin of huge farms, but from the backyard gardener, too, who pours on bag after bag of synthetic pesticides, weed-killers and fertilizers. But if you want a beautiful garden with roses, do you really have any other choice? Yes, you do.

Choice Of Roses

Although the stereotypical image of a rose is the kind given as gifts on dates, there are truly hundreds of varieties in all kinds of sizes and colors and soil and temperature preferences. You can greatly reduce the need for expensive and unhealthy pesticides or fertilizers by not fighting character.

By spending some time doing your homework now, you can save hours of backbreaking labor and heartache later. Choose only roses that work well in your climate and soil kind and you will guarantee that you will have a beautiful garden with roses.

Choice Of Fertilizer

Forget about using chemically-heavy plant foods or potting soil for your garden. You want to look for only organic material. The best way to get such fertilizer is to make it yourself. This is easy if you happen to own horses or cows. But most of us do not have access to fresh, organic manure. We have to make our own compost.

You can easily make your own compost from your food garbage. Fish bones, egg shells, decaying fruit and used tea bags are especially appreciated by all plants. Place a spoonful of this pungent combination into the hole with your roses. You may need to clamp a clothespin over your nose, but homemade compost helps not only the planet, but also helps you get a beautiful garden with roses.

Choice Of Pest Control

The best thing you can do for the earth is to never use any weed killers, pesticides or slug bait in your garden. They are not only dangerous for you, but for any wildlife or pets that happen to be around. For example, most commercial slug bait is poisonous to dogs, but also smells good to them.

You can use natures pest killers to get rid of bugs in your garden. If you have aphids, you need to get ladybugs to eat the aphids. Bug-eating spiders should be promoted in your garden, in addition as birds and bats.

You can also use a combination of cider vinegar and water to help act as an herbicide and fungicide for your roses. Take five teaspoons of cider vinegar, two teaspoons of salt and put them in a liter of boiled water and then spritz them as needed. This will work for roses, but not for other plants that may be too sensitive to a rise in acid.

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