Change Works, already at 70

Change Works, already at 70

This article is the second of a series on change behaviors for senior citizens. In retirement, seniors have time for luxuries not obtainable during the career phase of one’s life. One of those luxuries is looking at changing a behavior, or several or already a lifestyle. Bad habits can be surrendered. Good habits can be adopted. Body, mind, and attitude can undergo a huge difference. How many days to go? A lifetime.

Slipping back is always a possibility. Temptation is always lurking. The lure of bad habits is always ominously present.

What are the steps that help to keep one on track?

*Commit to making specific changes. Write them down or memorize them.

*Stay with a chosen regimen of exercise, meditation, and forgiveness.

*Listen to your body. Allow your body to communicate in ways that will permit your discipline to keep strong.

*Watch your diet carefully, avoid offending foods which harm your system.

*keep calm in all things. Don’t allow interferences which get you off track.

* Enjoy solitude. The more you can invite into your life the better.

*Until you are ready, limit interaction with others. Interaction will test your progress.

*continue a daily healthy affirmation of your dominant relationship(s).

*Care for your own needs with sensitivity.

*Be gentle in all things.

These are just a few suggestions for moving into a climate of change. Change, although not easy, keeps you on the cusp of living a more fulfilling life. Without change, life becomes repetitive and sedentary, both negative behaviors for senior citizens. There may nevertheless be overcast days, however carry an umbrella and be prepared to ward off anything raining on your day.

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