chief Roles Of A Human Resources Expert

The human resources department is one of the most important departments in an organization. Almost all the activities of an organization revolve around the HR department. A Human resource specialized must perform a lot of roles and roles in an organization towards the actualization of the corporate goals and objectives of the firm in a way to excursion the organization’s vision and mission.

The chief roles of a human resources person are grouped into four general roles that must be carried out professionally. The Human resources specialized must be all of these:





As a strategic partner, the HR specialized must be able to partner with the organization in developing plans that will align the human resources of the firm with the long term corporate goals and vision of the firm. He should be able to contribute to business strategy development by aligning HR jobs with strategic goals. He should be able to provide tools and create an enabling ecosystem to actualize these goals. He is the eyes of his firm in the outside world and should be a liaison between his firm and the society, ecosystem and government. He should be able to analyze work processes and recommend improvements where necessary. He should develop policies that will assistance the firm, Management and employees alike.

As an Administrative expert, the HR specialized is expected to carry out administrative duties like providing the necessary tools needed for the organization to function successfully. He should be able to manage the overall labour costs in his organization and plan for administrative budgets. As an administrative expert, the HR person should be an information manager. He should have at all times all data relating to employees and make same obtainable …at all times. The HR person should be able to discover new and evolving trends that will be advantageous to the company and advise Management consequently. He should always conduct research to find out what is obtainable in other firms that makes them tick and advise management. The HR person should be able to manage HR budgets (recruitment, selection, training and development, etc. He should be a good negotiator in times of salary decisions.

As a Change agent, he should be able to find out new ways of doing things that can move the company forward. He should be able to convince Management on the need for the change and address employees about changes. He should coordinate and ease the change course of action. He is to provide the tools and structures needed during change period. As an expert, he should be able to create a new organizational change without disrupting the firms business.

As an Employee Champion, the HR specialized should be able to manage the selection, recruitment, training, development, career planning, performance management, series planning, and Staff retention exercises. He is to determine the long term human resources needs, estimate current resources and determine area of changes. He is to determine whether human resources needs can be sourced internally or externally. He is to conduct training needs assessment, to determine the kind of training that will assistance the staff and organization. Conduct and position for trainings and determine the training results on the productivity of the firm. The HR specialized manages and carries out career management in a way to align the employees’ dreams with the organizational requirements. Also as an employee champion, the HR expert is to carry out performance appraisal exercises to determine staff performances in their present responsibilities a well as calculating those that will be rewarded, promoted, demoted and recognized. As an employee champion he should be involved in grievance handling and disciplinary issues in the firm. He is to manager all employee related matters like leave issues, medicals, pension matters, housing and general welfare issues.

In summary a HR specialized should be able to perform the following roles; Manpower planning, recruitment, compensation and salary issues, employee development and administration, Training and career development, labour relations and discipline management, personnel move and movement, performance management Human resources information system, payroll, organizational development etc.

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