Confined Space Entry

A lot of people start confined space entry classes thinking that they have no such areas in their facility. They often learn that they do. These areas are not just pits and tanks but can truly be a mezzanine area, or simply a room without adequate ingress and egress. This standard is often misunderstood, so you should try to get all that you can from this course. This course is not designed to make you an expert or to aim your employees in confined space entry but to make them aware of the hazards associated with CSE.

By definition you must have all three of the following elements to consider an area a confined space:

Large enough to bodily go into and perform stated work Limited access and egress Area not for continuous occupancy There are also three classification types:

Permit Required Alternate Permit Space Non-Permit Space

This standard can often be misunderstood and programs can be difficult to manage. There are many resources to educate your employees about confined spaces. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA has several great training materials right on their website. There are also many safety training companies who will come to your place of business and provide on-site training for employees. The most affordable option for most companies is online safety training. There are several very good online courses obtainable, just be sure that their courses are OSHA approved.

OSHA states you must have a facilitator obtainable for questions and discussions about any safety training that you provide. This can be achieved via your daily, weekly, or monthly safety meetings. CSE training is just one of the OSHA required workplace safety requirements but is one of the most cited violations so it is important that you do not overlook this standard.

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