Daniel E. Creighton, Council Member – City of Long Beach




  • Creighton, 50, is responsible for lower Manhattan projects as a vice president at MTA’s Construction and Development agency. He is also on the Conservative Party line in his first run for public office.
  • He has served on Long Beach’s zoning appeals board since 2017 and believes variances commonly granted should be codified into law so residents don’t waste time and money filing zoning requests.
  • His civil engineering and public policy degree is from Carnegie Mellon University, and his master of business administration is from Baruch College.


  • Creighton wants to control the issuing of bonds, which adds to debt, and to ensure that payments to current and former employees are not inflated, as a state audit found. He said he does not fear making potentially unpopular decisions to fix finances.
  • He would propose a “change management” initiative, a top-to-bottom look at all aspects of city operations and policies: “Take a fresh look at everything, go back to basics — that’s how you fix things.”
  • He wants to update the master plan but first carry out its easier revenue-making ideas, which would then bankroll the next project. He has mulled giving housing and development rights at the deteriorating City Hall character in return for construction of a new City Hall at the underutilized character where Stop & Shop sits. He said the ensuing revenue could then pay for revitalization of North Park.

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