Debt – Get Out by Learning to Deny Rejection

There are many theories on ways to get out of debt. Earn more money by getting a second job. Invest in real estate, the stock market or savings bonds. All of these concepts are useful strategies, but the best way to get out of debt is to change the way you look at rejection.

How is that possible? The general theme here is to learn to conquer rejections that rule to failures which prohibit the time of action of eliminating your debt. In short, you have come up with a plan to get out of debt, but you never get over the hurdles on the path you started down to get there.

Many of us have strong wills, and are able to conquer “no,” doubt, skepticism and the rejection of our plan to eliminate our debt. Some of us are able to save a few dollars in the time of action, which in turn may help us to pay some of the things we owe.

Many of us do not view our failure to save money or inability to stick to a budget as a form of rejection, but it is. The connection is that we are rejecting our own ideas and plans. We think that we are too old to start saving now, or we become emotionally distraught when we fail to allot any money for savings at the end of a recent pay period.

Rejection does not change your current situation one bit. Your actions after rejection have a major impact on the outcome of your life.

For example; the first time I asked my wife on a date, she told me no. She gave me her telephone number and said I could call, but remained steadfast in her “no date for you” policy. Over the next five years, I continued to ask her on dates, and she continued to reject me, and say no.

Now, if I would have accepted no as the final answer, I would have missed the fact that she told me “yes” once before. already though she did not allow me to take her on a date right away, she said “yes” by giving me her telephone number. I would have missed the fact that I could begin having a meaningful relationship with this woman by calling and talking to her every day.

So, over the time of five years of phone conversations, we became extremely close friends. We shared life events, successes and failures, highs and lows, and one day the light came on for her, and she said yes to a date. Naturally, the friendship we developed over the past five years made it easy for her to realize that I was the one for her, and shortly after, we married.

How was I able to deny her rejection for five years? It was simple. I was living a good life before I met her. already though she did not say yes right away, I was nevertheless living a good life. I didn’t have her before she said no, and I didn’t have her after she said no, so my life did not change.

So if we apply this new way of viewing rejection in our daily lives, it will be easy to see that we can get out of debt in much the same way. Do not view a failure to save as a rejection of your plan. View it as an opportunity to clarify areas that you can enhance on your plan, and start saving again on the next paycheck.

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