Des Plaines School Warns of New TikTok Challenge to ‘Slap a Staff Memb…

As a TikTok trend challenging students to “slap a staff member” gains online traction, a Des Plaines high school has asked families to ensure students avoid such actions.

Maine West High School issued a warning to families and caregivers Wednesday, after the school reported incidents of vandalism last month stemming from another TikTok trend known as “devious licks,” according to the warning.

“The months that follow appear to be dedicated to other violent, crude, and dangerous acts that could potentially damage so much more than soap dispensers,” the school said in the warning.

Maine West noted that the school would pursue assault charges “to the fullest extend of the law” against any student who should participate in the social media challenge against a staff member.

“I find it impossible to imagine that any student here would truly slap a staff member for a joke,” the school said. “Students know how difficult this year is already, for all of us. They know that the single most important thing to every single adult in this building is their safety, well-being, and sense of belonging and fulfillment at school.”

School officials requested that families ask students to “stand up for what is right” and avoid viewing any videos based around the challenge. Maine West additional that students should also not “like” the videos by their personal social media accounts.

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