Developing Psychic Self-Defense – How To enhance Your Inner Strength

Developing Psychic Self-Defense – How To enhance Your Inner Strength

Some people think that people with psychic ability can help us see the future. Others thing that psychics are spiritualists or mediums that can help strengthen our faith by communicating with spirits. Others look to technology for predictions and greater understanding. They think complex computer models can tell us what’s going to happen, maybe already prevent it.

If you look across the world and its peoples, you’ll see a huge variety of philosophies and belief systems. You’ll find scientists who don’t believe anything they can’t touch or count, and you’ll find mystics who rely on astrology and telepathy to predict the future. It’s hard to say who’s right and who’s wrong. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

How do you know who and what to believe? Take weathermen, for example. They use scientific fact and experience to predict the weather, but they’re often wrong. They’ll predict rain, and the sun will shine. They create public panics with dire warnings of huge snow and ice storms. Groceries fill, lines back up, and people scramble to prepare. Then nothing happens.

The fact is that no one has found a fool-proof way predict the future. Neither scientist nor mystic would put a bet on their prediction. So what do we depend on? Who can we trust?

Another fact is that we must estimate every prediction based on our own knowledge, experience, and intuitive abilities. We can’t depend completely on others to tell us what’s real. We must protect ourselves against falsehood and deception, already when it results from honest mistakes or misunderstanding.

Cultivating individual psychic self-defense is the way to protect ourselves against falsehood and learn to rely on our inner wisdom. Developing these skills take time, effort, and practice.

How can people develop psychic self-defense skills?

Many psychics will tell you that they were born with their ability. Others let in that they work on their skills to enhance them. Often, psychic abilities consequence from traumatic events that mysteriously waken awareness, increase consciousness, or sharpen natural physical senses.

However, normal people can build their intuitive and psychic abilities by following a few simple, but not easy, steps. One way is to do things that free the subconscious mind and repressed talents. Once these abilities are brought to the surface, we can work on them and make them stronger.

An important thing to know is that it is almost impossible to make these changes until our spiritual chief and physical body are free from negative influences and energies. When we have experienced this cleansing, we can learn to use and nurture our positive, intuitive strength. As we mature on this path, we will find ourselves better able to make good decisions, cope with stress and anxiety, and keep positive in a sometimes hazardous world.

People that are trying to develop spiritually and enhance their psychic self-defense may not be aware of their own psychic strength, and this can end in misfortune and tragedy. It’s important that, before we begin, we are aware of our own strengths and weaknesses. We must take some first steps at personal change to eliminate our own negative traits before we can make true progress in strengthening our aura.

What is my aura?

Each person has an aura that reflects his inner spiritual chief or energy. Like the auras that surround stars with natural light, the aura is a field of energy surrounding matter. Positive people with strong healthy bodies, minds, and spirits have strong, brightly-colored auras, while people who are ill or dominated by negative thinking have auras that are ineffective and dark. Auras can expand when a person’s spiritual strength grows, and they can collapse when it diminishes.

Negative energy or influences can drain the healthy aura, reflecting the damage they do to a person’s inner spiritual life and strength. Keeping one’s spiritual energy and aura strong protects mind, body, and soul. The aura can be seen as a protect protecting us from the negative entities, energies, and influences that assault us every day.

In order to become stronger in spirit and to radiate a strong healthy aura, we must pursue personal self-development. Success brings us to higher levels of consciousness, strengthens our intuitive powers, improves our personal relationships, and raises our quality of life.

Freeing subconscious thoughts and repressed abilities is a positive, healthy life choice. It allows us to express our true character and creativity and makes us more productive members of society. It restores and replenishes natural energy and excursion. It helps us develop a new set of skills, intuition and psychic insight. And it helps us enhance our physical health and bring our emotions into healthy balance.

Working on better psychic self-defense and personal growth helps us resolve long-standing inner conflicts and become more balanced, integrated personalities. It helps us set and reach meaningful personal goals. And it helps us understand and have more compassion for others. The bottom line: it makes us better human beings.

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