Differences Between PB360D and PB360S Job-Site Radios

Differences Between PB360D and PB360S Job-Site Radios

I recently bought a Bosch PB360D strength box and this form is similar to the PB360S which is the standard version. I was asked many times what are the differences between the two models. consequently in answering the question, this article will discuss the differences. Well for a start the notation “D” represents the deluxe version of this well known job-site radio from Bosch.

However, I wish to highlight that there are many similarities between the two versions. Both are built to be heavy-duty job-site radios that can resist the rough working site conditions and nevertheless provide a powerful 360 degree clear sound.

However there are differences between the two models which are not obvious and these differences are discussed below.

The most obvious difference is the control panel. In the PB360D, it has a backlit control panel while PB360S has a normal control panel without any backlit. The backlit has a light bluish tone enabling the characterize details to be seen in low light condition.

The second difference is the deluxe version has a built-in additional SIRIUS Satellite Dock. consequently one can plug in or dock one’s satellite radio and enjoy satellite radio broadcasting in addition to the built-in FM and AM radio.

The third difference is the types of strength outlets. The PB360D and PB360S besides being job-site radios are also strength boxes. That is one can plug in one’s strength tools to the strength outlet and runs from there. The strength outlet found in PB360D is GFCi types while those in PB360S are the normal ones. The term GFCi stands for ground fault circuit interrupter which is a safety device. However there are no problems powering Bosch strength tools with the strength outlets of both models.

The final difference between the two models is the availability of a far away control. The deluxe version comes with a far away while the standard version has none. Well having or not having a far away is not a big deal. In my opinion, the far away may be easily lost in work sites as it is easily taken away.

Well the above are the main differences between the two models. Due to these differences, there is a difference in price too. The form PB360S costs about $180 while the deluxe form PB360D costs $100 dollars more. Both models are obtainable and can be ordered online by online stores like Amazon.com.

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