Discounted Steel Buildings – Pitfalls

We’ve all seen those splashy ads for Discounted Steel Building Kits. You may get flyers in the mail. Or see them in the newspaper. These ads can be very enticing.

Everyone likes sales and discounts. None of us wants to pay more for a product than they have to. Does the phrase ‘Buyer Beware’ jump out at you when you see these ads?

Please don’t get me wrong. You can find authentic deals on steel buildings and building kits out there. You will need to get by the advertising hype and do a thorough examination of the product and the pricing.

possible Pitfalls of Discount Steel Buildings

The discounted building may not be the best deal obtainable. You must compare prices and ensure that the building you buy is exactly right for you.

Discount steel buildings are often engineered for the minimal loads – i.e. snow, wind, rain, seismic. You must ensure that the building you buy is engineered for your site’s conditions and codes.

These discounted buildings are most often of a simple box design – either square or rectangular. This may not be a problem if that is what you are looking for.

When the steel building manufacturers advertises discounted buildings there is often limited or no color options.

If you require additional loads on the building – overhead cranes, hoists, rooftop HVAC units, suspended piping etc. you will need to have a building engineered for this. Discount buildings don’t usually allow any additional loading as their design is optimized.

There are often few -if any – accessories included with discounted steel buildings. Accessories that can be included in steel building packages (at an additional cost) can include man doors, overhead doors, large sliding doors, windows, roof windows or skylights, overhangs, building insets, roof ventilators, mezzanines… the list is almost endless.

Once you include in conversation with a sales-person pushing discounted buildings, there can be a lot of advertising hype and high-pressure sales pitches. You know the ones; We have two on our shelf; We just had an order cancelled; We had twenty to sell and are down to our last one. DON’T BE PRESSURED! Make sure that the steel building you want and require is the steel building that you will receive – and at the best price. (Not all sales-people sell this way, but just beware that it can and does happen.

Please don’t get me wrong with this very negative article. I have been in the metal building business for many years and can tell you first hand that there are authentic deals out there for noticeable steel buildings. You just need to do your homework.

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