Do It Yourself Termite Protection Tips

Do It Yourself Termite Protection Tips

Some methods on termite control are for pest control experts to conduct but there are also those that you can do on your own. If you really do not want to be bothered by termite problems, then you should try to prevent the problem. Do it yourself termite protection is your first line of defense.

Clear Your Area of Debris

One shared sense do it yourself termite protection method is to simply keep your area clean. Debris made of cardboard, wood, paper or any other wood based items should not be stored underneath or near your house. Wooden ladders and wood piles should also not touch the sides of your house. These items may absorb or collect moisture and come into contact with other parts of your house. These wood based products are ideal initial food supplies for termites from which the insects may ultimately move on to your character.

Check Wooden Parts

Keeping wooden structures a few inches above ground would prevent termite infestation. This is a simple do it yourself termite protection pre construction tip. You simply have to eliminate wood to earth contact to reduce your chances of attracting termites. If you really want to have a wooden fence or trellis that touches the soil fully, then make sure that they are erected far from your houses foundation or main structure. You should also regularly check trellises and fences for signs of termite infestation.

Eliminate Moisture

Subterranean termites need moisture to survive. You can help reduce the moisture in your soil and on the wood of your house by regularly checking the supplies of moisture. Defective gutters; leaking faucets, pipes, air conditioning units; and sprinklers that are too near your house may moisturize the soil and wood enough to promote the survival of termite colonies.

Other than checking for defective faucets and gutters, make sure that all water containers surrounding the house are drained. This may include water from air conditioning units, sinks, dish or clothes washers and driers.

Keep Plants and Trees Away

Your do it yourself termite protection plan should always include your garden and shrubbery. Plants and trees may offer both moisture and food to termites. If you should have plants around your house, then make sure that they are located at a distance from your house and that no branches touch the wooden areas of your house.

Choose Treated Wood

One great do it yourself termite protection idea is to simply use treated wood for the wooden parts of your house. Borate treated wood for example can help keep termites from eating up the wood.

Have Inspections

To make sure that your termite protection methods are effective, have experts regularly check your character for any infestation. Remember that already if you have been very careful, termites are particularly stubborn and they may nevertheless get around your do it yourself termite protection methods. Actual infestations are also not easy to detect because you may not see actual termites until damage has been done. Let the experts take a look at your house now and then.

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