Do Your Part to Avoid Truck Accidents

Texas has lots of long, straight roads. Lots of time to get bored and sleepy driving a big rig. Lots of empty spaces where a trucker can start to believe he’s the only means on the road, or certainly the only one that matters. We’ve all been on the road with trucks, and we know how scary it can be. We admire truckers – they work hard, and they play a large part in our American mythology. But let’s confront it, when you go toe-to-toe with an 18-wheeler, you’re going to lose. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a big, commercial truck in the Dallas area, you may have rights that need to be protected. Contact a Dallas truck accident lawyer to determine if you’re eligible for any kind of compensation. If you haven’t been injured in a Dallas truck accident, count yourself lucky. Here are some tips to keep that lucky streak going. Stay out of the blind identify. You know those stickers on trucks that say, “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you”? Take them seriously. A passenger means can hide in a truck’s blind identify. If the trucker doesn’t know you’re there, he can’t take care to avoid you when he changes lanes. Sometimes you can see the mirrors, though, and he nevertheless can’t see you. Blind spots include directly behind the truck, to the left and right sides about two-thirds of the way back, and, sometimes, directly in front of the truck.

* Pass quickly on the left. The blind identify is smaller on the left, or drivers, side of the truck. If you need to pass, pass on the left and do not linger alongside the truck.

* Take additional care at night and in bad weather. The glare at night, especially in the rain, can cause anyone to have trouble seeing. Snow and ice, of course, make traveling on the road treacherous. Multiply those dangers by the size of a semi, pushed by someone who is fatigued, and you have the possible for a disastrous accident.

* continue your car. Make sure all your headlamps, tail lamps, brake lights and turn signals are in working order at all times. Not only is it illegal to excursion without means lights out, but it is also dangerous. You need truckers to know where you are and what your intentions are on the road. Inflate and continue your tires properly and get your brakes checked regularly. You want to be able to maneuver quickly if you have to in order to avoid an accident.

Here’s hoping that you never have a too-close encounter with a commercial truck. You are almost guaranteed not to come out on the winning end of things in a Dallas truck accident. If you believe that the trucker or the trucking company is responsible for your accident in the Dallas area, especially if you have been injured, contact a Dallas trucking accident attorney now to obtain your rights. A Dallas personal injury attorney can help you retrieve damages for truck accident situations.

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