Does Cat Sneezing average My Cats Sick?

Cats just like humans are inclined to sneeze now and then. There are many reasons for this and although it may be the first sign of a problem it could also be simply the reaction to an irritant such as someone smoking or wearing a strong perfume.

The most shared cause of sneezing is some kind of upper respiratory infection caused either by a virus or bacteria. This is much the same as a human getting a cold or influenza. If the only symptom is sneezing there is probably not too much to worry about but you should inspect your cat and look for signs of running eyes, sores in the mouth or swollen glands. These would indicate that your ct might need medication to get over the problem in which case you should take it to the vet.

Some cats suffer from allergies and they can effectively suffer from a feline equivalent of hay fever. It is not uncommon for some cats to be allergic to pollen and if you speculate this may be the case with your cat again a discussion with your vet may be in order. He or she could well assign some form of anti histamine treatment to help with the problem.

Another cause of sneezing in cats can be a dental abscess which may require the infected tooth to be removed to cure the problem. sometimes a cat may ingest a foreign object into its nose, it may be something like grass seed or pollen. Usually a bout of sneezing will clear out the problem.

If your cat is sneezing you should check to make sure it is not discharging blood with the mucous. If there are signs of this you should again take your pet to the vets.

It is possible to prevent viral related infections by having your cat vaccinated. This is advisable for all cat owners but is particularly important if your cat mixes with others as the infection can be passed from animal to animal.

Certain breeds of cat, mainly the flat faced breeds such as Persians are particularly inclined to sneezing because of their constricted nasal passages. This sneezing is often caused by irritants such as smoke or perfume.

Just because your cat starts sneezing it does not necessarily average that it is sick. typically a bout of sneezing is not that serious and providing there are no other symptoms such as nasal blood or swollen glands it is best to keep the animal warm and secluded for 24 hours. If you are nevertheless worried then take the cat to the vet who will be able discover the cause and start the treatment.

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