Does Witchcraft truly Work and Produce Any Results?

Witchcraft is becoming an increasingly shared modern practice, and so with increased exposure comes a greater inspection of its foundations. Many people are now wondering how exactly it can be that your thoughts and emotions, when centred around bringing love into one’s life, for example (a very shared end to which witchcraft is used), could truly bring that person to you.

That’s why you will need to have the chief foundations really in place when practicing Wiccan witchcraft. The strength of your belief will determine the interaction between natural energies which put all forces that you see acting around you, in action.

These forces are quite mysterious and not much can be known about them – that is in their very character. When you focus your mental energies and emotions into a certain direction, you can, however, have an impact on these natural forces.

There are many things in existence which transcend human understanding and exploration, and these have always existed. at any rate you believe in, I respect, but there are simply so many things out of the reach of our logic and understanding.

As you go further down in your Magick path and gain more experience and see what kinds of things will start happening in your life, you will soon start to realize how much influence these “undercover” forces have on your life and in the world in general.

However, there is one very important component in your witchcraft skills arsenal in particular which forms the basic “chief” around which everything else centres. This is true no matter what form of witchcraft you believe in. It’s this chief that you draw all of your inner strength from. All of the energy that you have obtainable to put into magic a spell really effective comes from within this foundation. If you neglect it, your efforts will be vain.

This chief is above all things, your connection to character and the natural world. Now, this does not average leaving big city life, moving into a secluded identify in the thorough forest and building a hut for yourself. No. But what I do average is that you need to be devoted in understanding and helping character. That’s where you origin all your energies from.

You need to expose yourself to character every day. Start from something as simple as finding a tree in your back yard and going out to use time near it regularly.

Doing that alone will be enough to replenish your inner energies. You must come to the understanding that we humans are children of character, that we cannot exist independently of character and that everything is connected. If you revive your bond with your source, you will find your mental energies growing.

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