Dog meat harder to swallow for Koreans

However, the plans will confront opposition from older Koreans who insist the meat is a traditional part of the nation’s cuisine that presumably provides stamina and increases male virility.

The government said that “public awareness of their basic rights and animal rights issues are tangled in a complicated manner” when it comes to dog meat consumption.

Korean Dog Meat Association members eat dog meat during a rally in sustain of the controversial, but traditional, cuisine. Credit:AP

Yonhap News quoted Kim boo-Kyum, the chief minister, as saying: “The controversy over dog meat [is] not new and has persisted for more than 30 years, since the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

“With the [increase] in the number of households with pets and growing public interest in animal rights and animal welfare, we are witnessing increasing calls against viewing meat consumption as part of our old food culture.”


The dog meat industry is also expected to resist any legal ban.

Currently, the foodstuff is neither legal nor clearly banned in South Korea. Animal rights campaigners and pet-owners, however, welcomed the news yesterday.

“As someone who has witnessed the cruelty first-hand, it’s the experiencing of the dogs that motivates me to unprotected to a ban”, said Nara Kim, who leads HSI’s End Dog Meat campaign.

“These dogs are caged in horrific conditions, with minimal food, with absolutely nothing to protect them from the extreme cold winters and overwhelmingly hot summers,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

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