In VN, there are still many provinces and cities where people’s lives are still difficult, especially in the mountainous area. In the winter, even kids living there don’t have enough warm clothes to wear. That’s why last year, I decided to join a charity organization to support the kids in HG. We used social networks to call for donations of old clothes, books,… for people in HG, especially the children. Then, we directly went there and visited the poorest districts. The weather was so cold, it was only about 5 degrees in the morning. Our help was never enough, but we tried our best and we are also still trying. I hope this year, we can collect more money and clothes. Knowing that you made a positive impact on someone is an emotionally uplifting experience that can never be matched by money or fame.


Tin đăng gần đây

  • 350 T15 An Phú Đông Q.12 TP.HCM
2,750.00$ (Fixed)
  • 350 T15 An Phú Đông Q.12 TP.HCM
9.98$ (Fixed)
  • Tĩnh lộ 8, CỦ CHI
5,400,000.00$ (Negotiable)
  • Thạnh Xuân 38, Phường Thạnh Xu...
108,000.00$ (Negotiable)
  • Nguyễn thị kiểu, Phường tân Th...
260,000.00$ (Negotiable)
  • Phan Văn Hớn, Phường Tân Thới ...
800,000.00$ (Negotiable)
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