Esoteric Soul Healing and Spiritual Healers

Esoteric Soul Healing and Spiritual Healers

The motivation of a spiritual healer is at the minimum as important as that of the patient. Pain is a mental course of action and the healer must be able to communicate with the mind of the patient to alleviate the pain.

Jesus was not only the most famous spiritual healer, He communicated on a level few healers have ever attained. He is the only healer purported to have brought a man back from the dead. This achievement is credited to a miraculous strength reserved only for God. Are there other explanations?

It has been said that Jesus joined with the mind of the patient (Lazarus) who was then able to temporarily reanimate his body (The Disappearance of the Universe). There is a self-study course obtainable for anyone interested in how this kind of joining is possible. The document that contains this teaching is called, “A Course in Miracles.”

The soul healing work of Jesus and the study of spiritual healing in “A Course in Miracles” may be too faith-pushed and far away for some readers. What about other lesser-known healers?

Joel S. Goldsmith – Mystical healer, author and teacher. He was a Christian Scientist considered a master in the art of spiritual healing. He insisted “no organization” be built around his teaching. Today, you may learn more about him at ( His most famous work was “The Infinite Way” published in 1947.

Rosalyn R. Bruyere – According to her publicity, Rosalyn clairvoyantly sees patterns of disease and behavior in exquisite detail. She established the Healing Light Center Church. Her publicity is specialized and understated, and what she describes sounds similar to the writing of Dr Phineas Quimby, a pioneer of the mind, and famous hypnotist and healer of the 19th century.

Dean Kraft – Energy healer who has subjected himself to paranormal, medical, healing, and scientific research. Far more research is obtainable on his website than you will find about other spiritual healers ( He published “Portrait of a Psychic Healer” in 1991

Bradley Falk – While he may not belong in the company of Jesus and Joel Goldsmith, I mention him here because you can visit his website ( and watch him speak about his teaching. His is earnest and direct. While you can sample his video for free or buy his DVD for a modest price, you need about $3000 to position a private session with him.

Soul healing and spiritual healing spring from love for the patient. Love comes across in varying degrees among these few individuals mentioned here. The short list is intended to be a starting point for those interested in soul healing, or spiritual healing. The aim is always to guide you or a loved one to healing and peace.

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