Flight accompanying Careers – Looking to Get Yours Off the Ground and Into the Air?

Flight accompanying Careers – Looking to Get Yours Off the Ground and Into the Air?

Flight accompanying careers with any of the major or legacy carriers are sought after for good reason. The lifestyle and benefits of an airline flight accompanying is envied by everybody and sought by many.

Benefits such as:

  • Worldwide travel benefits which can include your next of kin and friends
  • Medical cover including dental plans and eye care
  • Life insurance for you and your meaningful other
  • Profit-sharing plans within the company and retirement planning
  • Achievement awards
  • Vacation rewards
  • Gifting programs
  • Human resources sustain including workers assistance for security of emotional health.

Is it any surprise that Flight accompanying careers are sought after for the many benefits that they offer alone?

And while benefits are one thing, the lifestyle of a flight accompanying can be champagne too. With luxury 5 Star hotels to stay in while over-laying, the opportunity to see the world at literally no expense, the excitement of shopping to your hearts’ content, and the educational radiance of meeting with and experiencing foreign cultures. Yes you can literally travel and experience the world and get paid for it.

Be one of those that keep up down Flight accompanying careers with Delta Airlines for example and the world will literally be your oyster with flight sets to six continents and some 575 destinations including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, The Caribbean and South Pacific, Indonesia and the Middle East. Perhaps Southwest airlines is more your kind of airline or preferred route structure with sets to 35 States and 68 cities including Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Okland, Olando and Los Angeles.

Flight accompanying careers are open to anyone who can meet with minimum educational requirements and certain restrictions. Delta Airlines require you to be at the minimum 18 years of age as do Southwest Airlines however some airlines stipulate a minimum age of 21. Educationally you must possess at the minimum a H.S. diploma/GED equivalent or similarly year 12 in other parts of the world. A shared requirement for flight accompanying careers with any airline is that you are a people person as you are the font-line service specialized to its customers. Delta Airlines state that, ‘you are the confront of the company’ and that ‘you must be passionate about maximising each customers experience while promoting the brand’.

Similarly, Southwest Airlines state that, ‘Our people are our single greatest strength and our most lasting long-time competitive advantage’. basically your service acumen, customer focus and the ability to represent and promote the company positively are just some of the factors you’ll need to consider if applying to their flight accompanying careers HR department. Your grooming must be impeccable and your communication and team work abilities a proven skill on interview day.

Other ‘must have’ requirements will be a Senior First Aid certificate and a Responsible service of Alcohol certificate. nearly you must be able to swim 50 metres (150 feet) fully clothed and be able to then board an aircraft life raft unassisted. And while you must be able to speak the native tongue of the airline that you join, a foreign language in any of the destinations flown to will put you in a good position on their flight accompanying careers application short list.

Flying is a passion for some and for others it’s a lifelong dream for obvious reasons. Turning dreams into a lifestyle starts with making the first step and before looking at flight accompanying careers with any airline your first step is to be able to satisfy the minimum requirements. This will open the gateway to pursuing your chosen airline and see you get the opportunity to literally make your flying dreams become a reality.

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