Florida Man Sentenced For Making Death Threats To United States Magist…

Florida Man Sentenced For Making Death Threats To United States Magist…


Credit: CW44 News At 10

MIAMI, Fla. (CW44 News At 10)– A St. Lucie County man who made death threats to a U.S. Magistrate estimate in the Southern District of Florida was sentenced today in Tampa, Florida to five years’ imprisonment.

The sentence of 73-year-old Lawrence F. Curtin follows his conviction after a two-day trial in November 2021.  In that trial, Assistant U.S. Attorneys Alejandra L. López and Will Rosenzweig of the Southern District of Florida presented evidence that in August 2020, Curtin filed written objections to a U.S. Magistrate estimate’s report recommending dismissal of Curtin’s civil lawsuit.  In the written objections that he filed in court, Curtin listed a link to a video he had posted on YouTube, “Road to Glory,” which showed a younger Curtin at a church service, shaking the hand of a pastor, who was a member of a minority group.  Curtin stated in the written objections that the video made clear that he was threatening the estimate with “death and bodily harm” and that shaking the hand of the pastor further emphasized his threat to the estimate, a member of the same minority group.

The evidence also showed that the inclusion of personal details about the estimate in the written objections and other court filings were meant to threaten the estimate since Curtin had never had an in-person hearing with the estimate and had to have researched the estimate to acquire the information.  additionally, the evidence showed that Curtin’s anger at the estimate was compounded by the estimate’s past recommendations to dismiss four of his earlier-filed civil lawsuits.  At sentencing, it was also shown that Curtin had engaged in a pattern of threatening federal and state judges with seriously bodily injury or death since 2005.

United States District Court estimate William F. Jung of the Middle District of Florida imposed the sentence, which also includes a supervised release term of three years following incarceration.

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