Forex Killer Review – Why is ForexKiller Considered the Best Retail Forex Signal Generator Software?

Forex Killer Review – Why is ForexKiller Considered the Best Retail Forex Signal Generator Software?

Forex Killer is a software package that allows you to create Forex signals for yourself with just minutes of work a day and is a low risk system with high returns and is considered to the best home based business. As you will read in our review it has been developed by a specialized Forex trader, a psychologist and a math professor.

Forex Killer Advantages

Some of the features of this product include that it works in any country with any broker, can be easily used by professionals and amateurs alike and works with all shared money pairs obtainable in Forex. Another characterize worth mentioning is that this product works with all platforms used for trading Forex, because it is a standalone application. It can be used anywhere at any time, it is reliable and consistent. All programs purchased will have free upgrades for life. This is an application that the creators nevertheless use to trade in the Forex market.

These are just some of the features of Forex Killer.  A detailed Forex Killer review on Yahoo Business states that “Andreas Kirchberger’s System is proven to be an easy trading system, allowing newcomers to go into the Forex Market.” Forex Killer was easy to use right from the start when all you had to do was satisfy the software with the market data, hit the ‘Calculate’ button and place your market orders according to the software’s recommendations. This is no rocket science, right?

Well, today, the system is already easier to use, because a recently released plug-in app relieves the trader already from this simple task of feeding data into Forex Killer! The add-on, called Forex Killer Automater of AutoFxK for short, will grab the money quotes automatically from your MetaTrader platform and satisfy it into Forex Killer, 100% automatically! By the way – the add-on is FREE with your ForexKiller buy!

One more thing we must mention in this review is that there are many bonuses offered with the buy of the FK software: the Forex Killer automater, which we already described above, an exclusive Forex e-book, a money manager, a risk calculator and a non-farm payroll strategy. It is also offering a cash bonus to open a Forex trading account with a Forex brokerage firm. Another recent detailed review of Forex Killer also indicates that this product doesn’t have any monthly fees to it and you can start trading on any free demo account!

Forex Killer has nothing to do with MLM, Network Marketing and does not require a website or selling or sending emails or any other multilevel marketing schemes.

If you are looking for ways to make Forex trading more affordable and profitable and want to use less time creating your own signals, then this is the system for you. No longer will you have to experience the frustration of missing signals or misreading the signals with this software. With all the positive reviews and the simplicity and ease of use of this product, it is little surprise that it is so popular. The price for the ForexKiller currently stands at under 90 dollars. This is a very easy system to use with a possible for a great return on investment. With the addition of the Forex Killer Automater – this software does it all, what’s left for the trader is simply follow the signals… and count their money!

As much as we like the system this review would be incomplete if we did not mention some of its shortcomings…

Forex Killer Limitations

a) As good as it is it is not human. It is software, a very well designed and thoroughly tested software but is only software. I can not take into account subtle details like economic and political news, what time of day it is and which markets are closed and which are nevertheless open. Statistically over a long period of time these details will not have a great impact on your trading results but it is something to think about

b) Unlike the so-called “Forex Robots” which are completely automated trading software applications which make decisions and open and close locaiongs 100% automatically, Forex Killer will only inform you of a potentially profitable trade. The trader is the one that needs to take action and execute the trade. This truly may be reviewed just as much an advantage by those traders (especially beginners) who feel safer when they know that they have the final say in whether to open a position or not.

c) The Forex book that comes as a bonus with Forex Killer is really basic. If you want to learn more about Forex then you’d do good to find another educational resource on the topic of Forex trading. don’t worry – there are many forex related web sites offering numerous free or paid Forex education resources online.

d) If you want to use the AutoFxK plug-in then you will need to use the MetaTrader 4 platform as the plugin only works with this trading platform. This is not a huge limitation, though, as MT4 is free and most brokers out there sustain this platform!

Review Summary

Despite these few shortcomings the conclusion of this review is that Forex Killer is an excellent signal generator: it is easy to use, well automated, reasonably well maintained, and, last but not least – quite affordable!

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