Four Reasons For Apocalypse to Begin in 2009

When Christ was asked about the end of the world in Matthew 24, His response included wars, famines and pestilence. But these have been around for thousands of years. We look now at signs for 2009.

1.       “One day is with the Lord as 1000 years…the day of the Lord will come,” 2 Pet 3:8-10. Early Bible scholars like Justin Martyr and Iranaeus believed that God gives man six days (Exod 20: 9) and 6000 years. Time’s up… “May 5, 2000: the date that Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will line up with the sun and moon-the first time in 6000 years.” TIME Magazine. In the Bible’s solar system alignment, the sun, moon and stars made obeisance to Joseph, but it made no sense until after seven years of plenty when his brothers bowed to him in a time of famine. Our alignment seemed of little importance until, after 7 years, the housing woes initiated the sub-chief crisis resulting is the market crash in 2008, right on time with the beginning last fall.

When the U.S. Senate met on Oct 1, it was the eve of the 7th new moon counting from spring, Lev 23:24. Every day for 10 days (except weekends) the markets crashed, bringing us to a time of judgment prefigured by the Day of Atonement, Lev 23:27. It happened right on time.

2.       God asked Ezekiel to lie on his side for 390 days-a day for each year Israel disobeyed, Ezek 4:5,6. But God also said, If you don’t learn your lesson, I will punish you seven times over, Lev 26:18,21,24,28.  7 x 390 years = 2730 years. Israel’s captivity began in 722 BC. It should end in 2009 because there was no year “0.” (Google Assyrian Captivity of Israel, Wikipedia). We should be ready for big things this year.  

3.        “A minister who contributes the Old Testament roots of Christianity indicates a scarce string of lunar and solar eclipses said to fall on God’s annual holy days seven years from now could herald what’s come to be known as the “Second Coming.” Most scholars agree to a 7-year ending. Here’s the article at  

4.       And now comes the pope in a modern similar to historic signs for Jerusalem. Early believers understood Christ’s warning in Matthew 24:15 as referring to Rome. When the Roman army under Cestius came, they fled the city and were spared the siege by Titus. Believing that the “appointed times” in Scripture will be predictive for when end-time events occur (trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 on the Feast of Trumpets, Leviticus 23), we should watch September 21 as this year’s style to last October 1 when trouble seemed to begin. Calamity on that date may seem like a coincidence, but it would have biblical significance that begs further understanding.

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