Global Warning

Global Warning – The Economy

Its the 1920s and the struggle to live is facing every man, woman and child – already before the great war. The poor become poorer and the high become richer. Many live in squalid conditions and for most there seems no way out. Lets fast-forward to the present year 2011; the poor become poorer and the high become richer it would seem. The global warning has begun.

For the last few years, many individuals have struggled to satisfy and the recession hits every facet of life. Its the worst the economy has been since the early 1900s and there seems to be no respite. Who is to blame? It certainly is not the person who goes to work every day and earns a living to live and tender lovingly to their families. It is not the police officer, teacher, or the nurse who cares for the public. I suppose you cant keep blaming every government in strength, or can you? Are they a product of insignificant circumstance or are they the root cause?

I woke up this morning to the resounding panic of those who understand the world economy – hearing the tumble of the markets again and claiming it is the worst recession we have seen.

We are certainly in the middle of a Global Warning. The truth is that greed is at the root of all the problems, the need for strength and control, the need to have more than the next man and the bravado of strength to control the week. How can a company that makes millions or already billions justify raising the cost of energy when it is hard enough for someone to pay the every day energy bills that are required? With the onset of winter, you can hear the sobbing of the pensioner who has no idea how they will heat the home this year. It truly is dark times we live in and I fear this path we are treading is the only road for our children of the future. It is easy for those in government to sit in judgement – send young men and women to the battlefield, increase the countries debt and then continually put the pressure on the everyday man and woman to pick up the slack whilst carrying a cheery disposition. Will they ever stand in judgment of themselves?

No one knows where the answers lie, and I for one am tired of hearing that it will only get worse before it gets better. Why should that be the case, and why, if we live in a world of abundance and enough for everyone – do we have to continually fight to survive. The cost of living continues to increase and crime is on the increase. Come on, think about it, perhaps crime is on the increase because everyone is finding it difficult to live. Yes I know there are career criminals who keep up no morals and care not for whom they hurt, but normal lay women and men are turning to careful methods to live. You have to have compassion for them. I liken this to the scene in les miserable when Valjean is singing about stealing a loaf of bread to satisfy a sick child, and this is the reason he was imprisoned.

I once read somewhere that when Gadhafi was removed from strength, the cost of fuel would plummet; he has and it hasnt. Those that we have put in strength, and one must consider that the global corporations are who are running the world, are duping us and causing much of the experiencing. I dont know the answers and the only solace that I can offer is that mother character in her infinite wisdom will react to balance what is out of balance, but I hope I am long gone when that happens. Can we continually keep a smile on our confront when we are being robbed blind?

I for one am a great believer in natural energy and using the innate strength that mother character has given, but I often surprise how long it will take before we are taxed on the very air that we breathe to reduce the country deficit. I will wait to see what develops.

The strength of the human spirit is great and we are spiritual beings that cannot be destroyed. I believe that all struggles are permanent and that we have the inner strength to conquer the hurdles that we come up against in daily life. In the words of a great teacher There is always a spiritual solution to every problem. It can start with you by offering help to someone who needs it, and it does not need to be in a financial way. There are many ways to help someone in need; it takes just that small offering in a compassionate way to help conquer struggles of every day life. We can pray that our leaders see sense and awaken to the injustice in the world. If all else fails in this life, understand that Karma will play its unavoidable role.

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