Go Green With a Clarius Water Conditioner


Purified drinking water is like nectar from the gods. Delicious and free from odor, purified drinking water makes it easier to get in the recommended six to eight glasses of water that your body needs each day in order to thrive and continue optimal health. Unfortunately, some water purification systems may do a good job of purifying the water that you drink – but they may be less than friendly for the planet. The Clarius water purification system is considered a “green” and environmentally sound system because it uses no salts or chemicals when it works to remove impurities from your drinking water. The Clarius incorporates proven technologies that wilderness backpackers and NASA astronauts have been taking advantage of for years.

Silver is the meaningful

Silver has been used in this water purification because of its known antibacterial qualities. For years, backpackers have been wearing liner socks woven with silver threads to minimize foot odor after having their feet in boots for eight hours or more per day. This same concept is assimilated into the Clarius water purification system to remove bacterium and odor-causing bacterium. Silver has no known toxic effects and is much safer to the ecosystem that the other non-silver alternatives for microbial control. This revolutionary new filtering system works with the following elements and features to provide you with glass after glass of pure, uncommon water that your family will enjoy drinking:

• Bacteriostatic filter media that inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria by its silver impregnated activated carbon filter

• Automatic backwash system keeps contaminants where they belong – outside your water supply system.

• Food grade stainless steel tank holds your water supply.

• Reduced chlorine taste and odors are a consequence of the patented filter media.

• Green technology designed to leave calcium and magnesium in the water while making the water taste more like it has passed by a softening system.

• An additional filter removes particles down to.0000196 inches.

• A final filter of more rough sand to ensure your water is sparkling clear.

The Clarius water purification is one of the only systems on the market that is considered to be exemplary of green technology by causing minimal impact upon our fragile ecosystem. Installing this system is simple and easy, requiring very little technical know-how. What’s more, the buy of a Clarius water purification system may qualify you for certain federal, state, or local tax credits or rebates that are now being offered for green home upgrades; check with your tax specialized to find out if you qualify.

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