Hacked Indian PM Modi’s Twitter account contributes bitcoin scam — RT Wor…

The personal Twitter manager of India’s chief Minister Narendra Modi was “very briefly compromised,” his office has confirmed, urging the public to “ignore” any uncommon recent tweets.

It was unclear how exactly the culprits attained access to the @narendramodi manager or for how long it was compromised, but once the issue was raised with Twitter sustain, the account was “closest secured,” the chief Minister’s Office (PMO) said in a tweet of its own.

In the fleeting period that the account was compromised, any Tweet shared must be ignored.

at the minimum one of the now-deleted fraudulent tweets seemingly attempted to promote one of the most classical cryptocurrency giveaway scams.

According to multiple screenshots, it claimed that “India has officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender”, purchased hundreds of coins and was “distributing them to all residents of the country.”

In an emailed statement to Reuters a Twitter spokesperson said an investigation revealed no signs of any other impacted accounts at present.

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