Holidays to Dubai

Perhaps it is time to consider taking your holidays to Dubai, because if you have not already done so you have missed out on one of the best most varied experiences there is to be had!

Don’t just take my information for it either. Take a look around for yourself. Have you heard of Dubai’s famous indoor ski slope? When you try to imagine it do you think of something like a slope in the middle of the mall covered with fake synthetic snow? A ride fit, at best, for kids? Well, you are as horribly wrong, as I was! I stood with my mouth agape when I finally saw it first hand. We are talking a proper ski slope with real ice and snow blowers that blow proper (although man made) snow onto the slopes. A complete size ski lift to take you up to the top of the slopes, tobogganing and ski hire. We are talking a complete size operation here where people can truly take skiing holidays to Dubai.

I have since met people who truly learned to ski on that very slope in the downtown Dubai mall in between luxuriously relaxing days at the beach sipping exotic cocktails. Don’t already get me started on those gorgeous beaches either. They are simply dramatically Caribbean style. Do a Google search for Dubai pictures and see for yourself.

And if you do decide to take your holidays to Dubai, while you are there why not zip off into the desert on a camel safari for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I loved pony rides on the beach just as the sun was setting and then there was the awesome water slides with rapids, wave pool and already the Jumeirah Scarah ride which proposes to get you up to approximately 80km per hour! Once was enough for me and I have since decided that I shall not attempt to go that fast again unless in a motor means! The rapids were awesome though.

I was totally amazed by the beauty and variety and you will be to if you decide to take you holidays to Dubai.

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