How Can A Drug Damaged Brain Be Brought Back To A Pre-Addicted State?

How Can A Drug Damaged Brain Be Brought Back To A Pre-Addicted State?

This is a subject that is rarely addressed by Physicians or medical providers at this Nation’s Drug Rehab Centers. After all, how many times have you heard about reversing brain damage? Years of drug abuse have a cumulative effect on every cell of your body. Brain Cells will die or become damaged. Learning and comprehension centers of the Brain will not function at 100%. Are you willing to give up some of your Brain strength just to give-in to drug abuse? I hope not.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Your Brain can be rehabilitated and brought back to its pre-addicted state. The first reaction a mainstream medical practitioner does when he/she encounters a problem with the human body is to assign a drug. They already assign addictive drugs to help addicts to stop abusing drugs. Does that make sense to you? Hooking a drug addict on a substitute drug like Methadone or Suboxone is counter-productive to say the least, and “stupid” to say more. I am outraged by what I see on a daily basis.

Billions and Billions of dollars going into the Pharmaceutical Companies bank accounts, and all with the help of so-called trained Physicians. They simply are taking the easy way out. In Medical School, they don’t already cover different therapies, except to say that there are no studies to sustain their efficacy. That’s what they said about Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling and his groundbreaking research with Vitamin C. In fact, there are thousands of studies from all around the globe that document the efficacy of Vitamins, Herbs and other different all-natural therapies.

So the question is: Is there any proof that a drug-damaged brain can be returned to its pre-addicted state? How can this be proven? Well, one way that this can be proven is to have before-and-after Brain Scans, which will clearly trace areas of the brain that do not show any brain activity. This would be proof positive.

What Would the time of action require?

Now that this is being done in a Drug Rehab Center in Los Angeles, California, it is easy to explain. What it takes is a multi-modal approach. It took an all natural treatment protocol. The concept was to manifest the healing of the Body, Mind and Soul. Their success in curing Heroin Addiction has astounded the medical community the world over. however they are reluctant to embrace these protocols because of their tunnel vision.

Yes, this protocol is reversing Brain damage, and there are before-and-after Brain Scans to prove it, and they are posted for anyone to view. Researchers were able to develop a Heroin drug rehab protocol that uses plant and herbal extracts from Africa and Peru. Addicts are amazed that they do not suffer from withdrawal symptoms with this program, which also addresses the root cause of the drug abuse. Some of these plant extracts permit the patient to take a thorough look into their thought processes, and come to certain realizations that cause them to change their mindset.

The proper nourishment of the person’s cells consequence in healing and new cellular growth on a systemwide basis. The organs are healed via body detox treatments. You would be surprised to discover how already a person in pretty bad shape can be brought back to a pre-addicted state. Imagine relaxing in a Hyperbaric Chamber while every cell in your body is nourished with fresh oxygen. There are a scant few Heroin Addiction Treatment Centers that have a Hyperbaric Chamber on premises.

It takes specially certified medical personnel to know how to combine therapies specifically for each patient. The pre-screening is very thorough, and the consequence is that they know exactly which treatments are indicated. Most Heroin Addiction Detox Clinic do not have in-house, this amount of therapies and modalities, such as: Chelation Therapy, Amino Acid and Peptide Therapy, Ionic Sea Salt Baths, IV Vitamin & Minerals, Yoga, Reiki Healing, Ozone Therapy, Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Chi Gong, and many more.

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