How to Distill Water Without Electricity – The Distillation course of action to…

Distilling water without electricity may be a lifesaver one day to get drinkable water.

This article I will show you step by step how to use a distiller with an open fire. The tabletop water distillers you see on the market will not be of any use to you if and when the grid goes down. Meaning there is no strength and no different source of electricity. If there are plugs, these tabletop distillers will not work. I will explain the distillation course of action here to make drinkable water from just a nevertheless and open flame. There is always going to be plenty of wood to make an open fire to boil water.

What you need, the basics:

Open fire, propane or gas stove. Stainless Steel Boiler/Milk Can Pot nevertheless/ Beer Keg Reflux column/tower Cold Water for the condenser

For distilling water, you do not need packing.

Here is the distillation course of action:

First fill the boiler/pot/milk can/beer keg with water. This can be the dirtiest of waters, rain or already county water. Attach the column/tower to the boiler with at all event size clamp or connector to make sure you have a complete seal. Hook water hoses to the condenser. Place the distiller on top of the fire. Bring the water to a boiling point of 212 F. As the steam enters up the tower/column it will go by the condenser and is converted into distilled drinkable water that comes out of this into a bowl or glass jug.

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