How to find a cop when road ragers threaten: Roadshow

Q: A recent road rage incident described in your column reminded me of a similar experience I had on Interstate 880. I was being followed, I had no idea who they were, but I didn’t want to pull over and I didn’t want to excursion to my office.

So I got off at the W. Winton method exit and parked in front of the entrance to the Hayward Police Department. The other other car followed me, parked behind me and 2 men got out and started to approach me (I stayed in my means and honked my horn). When a associate of officers came out, the men got back in their car and left.

We have other police agencies located near freeway exits: Oakland PD at Broadway off 880, Alameda County Sheriff’s substation at 150th method exit off 580, Santa Clara County Sheriff off N. First St. exit off 880, CHP offices on Whipple in Union City and Telegraph method in Oakland, to name just a few.

What would it take to put a star, protect, badge, on freeway exit signs to let everyone know there is a law enforcement office at that exit? That way anyone using the freeway would know. If it helps just one person it would be worth it.

Michael Spurek

A: You have a great idea here and this could happen as older signs are replaced. For now, check ahead to know where police stations are located on your familiar routes.

Q: Due to construction barriers, the change from Interstate 680 to Highway 84 is very dangerous. The width of the road between the barriers needs to be increased. It is clear from all the markings on the barriers on each side that many drivers have hit the barriers.

It’s only a matter of time before there may be a serious accident or tremendous traffic jam due to an accident. I am sure that Caltrans, in all its wisdom, will state the width is fine, but trust me, this needs to be rectified.

Killian Byrne

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