How to great number Your Website – A Simple Introduction

How to great number Your Website – A Simple Introduction

A lot of people want to know how to great number their website so here is the step by step tutorial for hosting your website. There are three basic requirements to great number your website these are listed below.

1. Your website files.

2. A domain name.

3. Hosting space to store your files.

4. A FTP client (Filezilla).

Now lets go for the tutorial.

Step one:

You need to buy appropriate domain name for your website which will be the dominant URL of your website. You can buy a domain name for GoDaddy for $8 per year. You also need a hosting space to store your website files and for that you can buy a paid hosting space or you can use some free web hosting providers to great number your files. I personally suggest you to buy a paid hosting space for your website to get better sustain and flexibility. A paid web hosting space may cost you around $5 per month.

Step two:

After completing step one you have your website hosting space and your domain name so now you need to pint your domain name to your hosting space. For that you need know your hosting accounts name servers. You can ask it from your website hosting provider. After getting the name servers you need to go to your domain control panel. There you will get a option to manage DNS. If you are unable to find the DNS manager you can ask your domain providers. So under DNS manager you need to submit the name servers provided by your website hosting provider. It may take up to 48 hours to point your domain name to your hosting space.

Step three:

So now you need to play with your website files. If you know how to create a website then fine other wise you can hire a website designer to create and design your website. If you already have the files you need to set up a FTP user in your hosting panel. You also need a FTP client to upload your files however most web hosting providers have their own program to upload files but it will be a lot easier to move your website files using a FTP client. The most popular FTP client is Filezilla. You can get it from their website for free. Install Filezilla and login to your hosting space using your FTP login information. Using Filezilla you can drag and drop your file to your hosting space.

So websites use MySQL database to store data so you also have options to set up MySQL database in your hosting account. Most web hosting providers have MySQL sustain so don’t need to worry about that.

So that was the final step for hosting a website but this article is written for newbie’s if you have more question about web hosting you can ask your question to WebProTime. This is a forum where you can ask your queries about web hosting. You Just need you create an Account to ask questions.

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