How to Save Money on Electricity Bill Tips and Tricks

How to Save Money on Electricity Bill Tips and Tricks

Having recently left my cushy job in the private sector, I found that I had to closest cut back on my expenses. One of the first things I did was look for ways to save on electricity around the house. Electricity a necessary expense, but one that I was determined to reduce overall in order to mitigate the financial stress.

To some, it may seem impossible to save money on your home and energy bills. There are, however many ways to do this and it can help to read up on money saving tips to help save you an arm and a leg. The average electric bill is costly and with electricity rates going by the roof, it is important to pay close attention to these tips that can really save you in the future.

When it comes to energy efficiency, while it seems like it could be a tricky, there are really just a few main simple concepts that you need to follow in order to save money. During the Winter months, especially, you need to watch your energy bill, as that is when you use the most energy on heat – gas, electric, space heaters, etc. Not too far off from Winter, in Summer, the air conditioner always seems to want to be on complete blast.

For air conditioning and heat, these can be two major killers to your energy bill. Be sure to keep all vents open and clean, which can be as easy as getting your air ducts regularly serviced. Keep them free of dirt, dust and other unwanted debris. Promote better airflow into your home, which can be done with fans, which use less strength than heating or cooling systems.

For laundry machines, this can be a major impact to your electric bill and with electricity rates rising seemingly every year, you have to really be aware of what settings your appliances are on. First, reduce the heat, because this can be 90% of your total energy usage. Cold water is just as functional, won’t cause the colors to run and many other benefits. Doing your laundry after peak times doesn’t hurt in addition for energy efficiency. Keep your dryer lint free and your washer free of any blockages – already check your pipes and sewage lines. Similar tactics can be used with your dishwasher. Overall, you should unplug just about everything when you’re not using it in addition.

Other rare tips to save on your utility bill include incorporating more plants into your home, covering up your windows, adjusting the thermostat regularly, pick the correct fan speeds, use long-lasting air filters, use a microwave, seal leaks, upgrade your system and sign up for as many energy saving programs as you can. Around the house, you can easily change your light bulbs to CFL bulbs, get motion censor lights, and Energy Star appliances. As with your air ducts, it is best to service all your big electric guzzlers including your air conditioner, hot water heater, stove, fridge and more.

It is important just to be aware of the many ways that you can save money and be energy efficient. If you follow these tips, your average energy bill will start to look better and you won’t fear getting the mail anymore – already as electricity rates go up, your bill will go down!

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