How To Ship Mexican Salsa – Perishable Foods

Not everyone has the luxury of being near salsa. If you made a salsa recipe it can be tricky to get it to someone far away. Thankfully, there are several agencies that can be used to ship your salsa to your jealous friends. Knowing how they differ will allow you to make the best decision when choosing your condiment courier.

The United States Post Office has been around for quite some time, and in addition to timely letter service, they also ship parcels. There is a list of liquids and other substances that cannot be shipped due to federal regulations, and none of the elements found in a salsa recipe are on it. To ensure the safety of its employees and customers, the U.S.P.S. does not allow dangerous chemicals to be mailed. As long as your salsa does not have poisonous or explosive similarities it will be safe for shipping. The most functional characterize of the Post Office is free pick up. However, if your package is considerably heavy, you should call ahead so your carrier can be informed. Keep in mind that if your parcel weighs 13 ounces or more it must have electronic postage. An example of electronic postage is Parcel Post and can printed off the internet by the Post Office website. Packages with just stamps must be taken to a post office window to be empowered for shipping.

Federal Express or Fedex, is another well known delivery service that specializes in package delivery. Like the post office, Fedex has a multi-tiered product line. Fedex has better rates for packages that do not need to be shipped quickly, but does not have as many options for speedy delivery as the post office. The complete listing of shipping options with prices can be simply found on each company’s website. Carriers also have this information on hand when they are in the field.

Just because you ship your package by Fedex, it doesn’t average it will be delivered by them. The Post Office and Fedex have a partnership and some packages are sorted by Fedex and shipped by the Post Office. Most of the planes used during the shipping course of action are truly owned by Fedex and the Post Office buys space on these vehicles. Similar to how you own your mailbox and the inside of your mailbox is considered to be character of the post office.

Some of the elements contained in a salsa recipe have a shelf life and can go bad after a certain amount of time. In some instances, overnight delivery is desired in order to maximize the freshness of your salsa. already though it is bit more expensive than other delivery options, overnight delivery could average the difference between edible and hazardous salsa.

in any case agency you choose, make sure your package is securely prepared. Your salsa container must be closed firmly, use tape if you have to. Try to avoid sending your salsa in glass containers whenever possible, a safer different is plastic. If you must use glass containers make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap or packing foam. Sealing the package itself thoroughly with tape is very important to insure safe shipping of your salsa. Lastly, double check to make sure that the origination and destination addresses are correct. Not only can it waste time during the shipping course of action, an incorrect address can make it difficult and it most situations impossible to correctly ship your package.

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