Important Tools Used By Electrical Linemen

Whether you realize it or not, having a safe and consistent supply of electricity is something that we rely on heavily every day. With no electricity, we cannot run our refrigerator, our air conditioner, lighting, television and the many other devices that we have become accustomed to living with. Linemen help to keep our electrical system running as efficiently as possible. In order to do so, they must use a variety of tools designed to fix the various issues that they encounter. Whenever you have any electrical problems in your home, it is important to hire a specialized. Anyone who works closely with electricity can tell you exactly how dangerous it could be. Luckily, linemen have their tools that can make the job that much safer. Here are a few things that linemen use while on the job.

· To increase their safety, linemen must start by wearing personal protective equipment. These include goggles to protect their eyes and confront from sparks, insulated gloves, long sleeves and matting. These protective items can help limit their exposure to electricity and the shocks and heat that can come from it.

· If you have ever seen a lineman on the job, you have probably noticed their well-stocked tool belt. Keeping their tools close at hand is very important, especially when they must climb poles or other hard to reach areas while doing a job. Inside this belt, you can find tools such as tapes, wire cutters, pliers, a lineman wrench and several others. One important thing to observe about almost all of the tools that they use is that they are coated in a heavy rubber. This helps to insulate the tools and protect the lineman if their tools happen to touch a live wire.

· To further protect linemen from the dangers posed by high voltage electrical lines, many of their tools are constructed of fiberglass. This is a non-conductive material that can save a life in the case of a misplaced tool. Furthermore, their tools are specifically designed to be used in places that are hard to get to. This allows a worker to reach areas that they could not otherwise reach safely.

· In order to climb poles, a lineman uses a special set of spikes that attach to their shoes and help climb these wooden poles. In addition to these spikes, a strap is utilized in order to help stabilize and continue balance.

· An integral part of any electrical worker’s job is troubleshooting and examination. In order to help this along, linemen use a variety of test instruments. This allows them to troubleshoot and inspect electrical wires and elements without having to remove them. As a consequence, they can pinpoint issues and use less time dealing with areas that do not need actual repair.

Next time you see an electrical lineman out, thank them for the job that they are doing. They risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure that we all continue to have the electricity that we have become so used to.

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