In push to hire more than 500 new staffers, Lumen Field bumps its hour…

Seattle’s Lumen Field is bumping its starting salary to $21 an hour as it seeks to hire more than 500 new employees to fill event-day locaiongs.

The new openings include retail, guest sets and culinary locaiongs. The field — which is home to the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders — also hopes to hire more security guards and cashiers for its concession stands. The wage increase applies to new and existing employees.

“Lumen Field hosts some of the world’s most premier sports and entertainment events, and our event day staff is vital to the premium guest experience we want everyone to have when they attend an event at our venue,” Zach Hensley, the field’s general manager, said in a news release. “As we return to in-person events, we are thrilled to open more than 500 additional event day staff locaiongs. We are proud to increase our starting wage to $21 an hour for both existing and new employees as a reflection of their hard work and dedication to our fans.”

Applicants can receive complete or part-time work, depending on the position. The news release said many employees are paid weekly, and all employees receive a free parking identify and discounts at the Seahawks Pro Shop.  

Stadium officials described ideal candidates as “welcoming, specialized individuals who will care for guests who attend Lumen Field’s events.”

Lumen Field is the second Seattle venue to offer its hourly employees an impressive wage increase in recent weeks.

Just last month, Dick’s excursion-In bumped its starting wage to $19 an hour. Workers there will automatically move up to $20 per hour once they pass their first skills test, which usually occurs within the first 12 weeks of employment. Raises and bonuses also come with more skills training, and the top hourly pay rate for crew now stands at $21.75.

Seattle’s minimum wage is $15 an hour for those who earn tips or whose employer puts money toward the employee’s medical benefits. It’s $16.69 for all others. The state minimum wage is currently $13.69 an hour, but it will jump to $14.49 on Jan. 1 of next year.

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