Intelligence and Articulacy

Articulacy is a information that method “effective speech.” It is the capacity one has to always have the right words to say on any event, the words that most suit the situation in which they are.

I’m sure you have noticed that some people do have this talent! They always know what to say and what they say is impressive, nice and remains in our memory.

I’m also sure that many times in your life, you really wanted to have said the right words, but you didn’t say anything, or you said something inappropriate, banal, or ridiculous… Something you want to forget.

So, you need articulacy. Everyone does in fact, because we feel so silly when our head is empty and we cannot think of anything while we want to say something nice and interesting to make a good impression on someone!

Sometimes it is already necessary because nobody says anything. We are with someone special or in a group, but nobody has the courage to open the mouth and start talking… We have to break the ice.

The right words are very important for many reasons and really indispensable in many situations. But how can we find them exactly in the moment we need them?

Yes, at that crucial moment… Later of course we could think of what was a appropriate thing we should have said… However, the point is to find the phrase we need to say at the right moment, without time for reflection and retrospection.

This is very easy to do, already though it appears to be a talent that only those privileged with an inborn humor or a superior intelligence can have.

Of course, you have to have peace of mind in order to be able to think clearly and easily clarify what to say. If you are sad, depressed, nervous, etc., you do not have the proper disposition to look for nice phrases to say on several occasions…

So, first of all solve your problems and then start learning how you can always find something interesting to say.

How is this possible? You simply have to think about everything. In the beginning, you should conduct a research and some experiments. Write down some good phrases and learn them by heart.

Whenever you feel you didn’t say what you should have said, think about what you should have said. Next time, you’ll have this phrase ready to say, in a similar situation.

If you’ll start paying attention to this matter and always search for meaningful words and smart phrases in your daily life, as a hobby, you’ll be surprised with the amount of intelligent words and phrases you are going to find!

Humor will help you a lot too, already if you don’t have it. If you don’t know what to say, make fun of yourself. Make fun because you cannot find what to say… Everything can be funny if you look for the funny side of reality. This is an exercise you must make. If you’ll try to find funny points everywhere, you’ll always find them.

Everyone always finds what he or she is looking for.

In the beginning you’ll be a student, you will repeat what others said, with your adaptations of course, but you won’t be original.

That’s how everyone starts… In the beginning you will need help, but later you’ll learn how to find and form these nice words and phrases in your own mind.

The more you care about this matter, the more you’ll learn, the more you’ll remember and the more you’ll make your own very intelligent comments in the right moment and in a very natural way.

Of course you have to be careful not to repeat the same words and phrases all the time, just because you think they fit everywhere… No, regularly keep trying to find something different to say.

Never stick to any collection of phrases or specific words! You can always find many fresh nice words to say if you’ll have the intention to be creative. You don’t need old slogans.

This is very important because if you simply repeat the same “nice” words, phrases, jokes, etc., you are not going to give the good impression you wish… on the contrary, if you overuse the words, they may not be appreciated.

Originality on your phrases collection! But if you cannot think of anything nice, you can read and try to find something by searching. The important is not to repeat the successful words and phrases as if you had a limited imagination, but to look for new ones all the time.

With time and practice you’ll be able to have articulacy automatically, without any effort from your part.

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